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Madonna News - March 2012

Madonna Teams Up With Spotify On ‘MDNA’ Promotional Campaign

Despite a career spanning three decades, with the release of her latest album Madonna has made it clear she is not going the traditional route that she may have gone promoting her past albums.

With the release of “MDNA” yesterday, Spotify announced that “to celebrate” Spotify users have the chance to win a pair of premium tickets to Madonna’s already sold-out US tour. To enter, users need to listen to the album three times through within the next two weeks (until April 9).

“The goal of this campaign is to showcase Madonna’s latest album as a whole, while rewarding her fans in a unique and engaging way,” says Jordan Walker who works in Label Relations at Spotify. “Spotify worked closely with Madonna’s management and Interscope Records to create a ‘stream to win’ campaign around MDNA that will drive album streams and leverage Spotify’s social integration to generate buzz and virality on Facebook. We want to reward Madonna’s super fans on Spotify by giving them the opportunity to see her live in concert in every US city of her tour.”

Fans can increase their chances of winning by signing up for an e-mail list from Madonna and Interscope Records at a site called MDNA Superfans.

Facebook seems to be an integral part of the “MDNA” campaign with one of the few promotion opportunities being a live interview with Jimmy Fallon on the social network. Additionally, with its new Timeline feature, which includes an icon of the album most recently listened to as well as the four most recent tracks; the album will have high visibility with Spotify’s integration with Facebook. The fact the album cover is so bright and vibrant will only help its chances of being noticed.


2012 World Tour – New Show Added In Kiev

Madonna’s 2012 World Tour will stop at Kiev’s Olympic Stadium on August 4th! Tickets will go on sale at 10am local time on March 30.

A devoted fan club pre-sale will start at 10am local time on March 27. Icon members, please note that special related instructions are to be e-mailed to you shortly, so make sure to keep an eye on your mailbox!

Madonna’s 40 Biggest Billboard Hits

To celebrate the release of Madonna’s 12th studio album, “MDNA,” compiled an exclusive ranking of the diva’s 40 biggest Billboard Hot 100 hit singles. Visit to see the list.

Madonna's 40 Biggest Billboard Hits

Avicii talks Madonna

Madonna surprised Miami festival goers on Saturday when she appeared onstage with AVICII to debut his remix of her new “MDNA” track “Girl Gone Wild” at the electronic Ultra Music Fest. Fresh off his performance with the Queen of Pop, the Swedish producer sat down with to talk about Madonna’s appearance and the major live show he has planned for later this year.

“I had about three days to do [the remix] … and I was in the middle of touring as well,” Avicii said. “It turned out great. I already had a melody that I was going to use for something else, but it really fit with that one so it wasn’t that hard.”


Madonna Proclaims ‘Queen Bitch’ Status On MDNA

From the fierce ‘Some Girls’ to the dark ‘Gang Bang,’ Producer William Orbit says the new album that proves Madge ‘knows how to rule.’

Madonna enlisted her legendary Ray of Light collaborator, William Orbit, for MDNA, which hits stores this week. And their kinship is clear on tracks like the hard-hitting “Gang Bang” to the lighter “Falling Free.” “Her instincts are so solid,” Orbit told MTV News about his longtime pal, who he says perfectly combines spontaneity with a keen sense of micro-managing. Those dual personalities were onhand during MDNA recording sessions. Madonna has previously said that working with him always leads to “magic” and the twosome once again whipped up tracks that should make Ray fans happy.

When Orbit spoke to us, he broke down several of their collaborations on the album.

He explained that the “light and experimental” recording session for “Some Girls” led to “a fierce kind of electro track. … ‘Here I am. I am awesome,’ That’s what it communicates to anyone, I am sure. She is just like queen bitch. … We love her for that and she knows how to rule.”

The song, he believes, really speaks to her biggest fans. “She certainly knows how to get [to] her subjects [and get] the most devotion out of them. I love to see that relationship between fans and Madonna. It’s a rare thing, so proactive and that song really sums it up. It’s got great lyrics. We had fun with the lyrics.”

The less aggressive “Falling Free” is a ballad about connecting with someone and letting yourself go completely. “That was a real delight to do. I know Madonna really enjoyed singing it. She had a terrible cold the day she sang it actually, but she threw herself into it,” he said. “Madonna sang that one beautifully and I was excited. A friend of mine, Laurie Mayer, wrote that beautiful melody. I think it was really special and different. The more ballads [Madonna] does, the better. Because no one can do ballads [the way she does]. She feels from the heart.”

On the polar end of the spectrum is the incredibly dark “Gang Bang,” which follows a woman getting her cronies together to seek bloody vengeance against someone who may very well be her ex-husband, Guy Ritchie. “[It’s] aggressive,” he said. “It’s like she sang that off the bat. I mean that. She created it in the moment. And the lyrics were all there, but I think she fell into a character. It was actually a good day. It wasn’t a dark day. There wasn’t like aggression in the air. The demo created out of the blue pretty much. She loved the spirit of it. We were all dancing around the control room. … It was a total atmosphere of spontaneity. Pretty good fun, but it’s dark.”