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Madonna News - June 2012

Kylie Minogue On Madonna’s Nipple Flash

Kylie Minogue said she believes people were left “perplexed” when Madonna revealed her nipple during a concert in Turkey.

The incident took place earlier this month during the star’s ‘MDNA’ tour and made headlines around the world.

“Was she caught up in the moment? Was it premeditated? Who knows,” Kylie said during an interview on E! hosted by Joan Rivers.

“I think it’s got people more perplexed than excited by it.”

Kylie also criticised Madonna’s cheerleading costume, which she debuted in her ‘Give Me All Your Luvin” video and has also been wearing on tour.

“No. Just no,” she replied when show a picture of the star wearing the outfit.

But Kylie did admit that she had grown up as a fan of Madonna and that it was “quite good” when they were mentioned in the same sentence.

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Mika on Madonna hook-up: ‘She wasn’t asking for my opinion’

Mika has said that the first time he heard Madonna’s ‘Gang Bang’ was when the record was released.

The singer-songwriter penned the original version ‘Bang Bang’ with Priscilla Rene but the track ended up on Madonna’s latest album MDNA.

“Madonna heard the song because William Orbit presented it to her and I didn’t know,” Mika told wotyougot.

“As far as I was concerned it was just a song I was writing for myself. Madonna liked it and recorded her version and in the end she adapted it.

“I was never in the studio with Madonna. The song got changed countless times and in the end it was called ‘Gang Bang’ – probably because there were so many people who worked on it!”

He added: “It’s kind of cool – It’s my favourite thing off that last record. It’s kind of grown up in a weird sort of way. It’s got this bitterness about it, which is kind of cool to hear.

“I heard the finished product along with everyone else. She certainly wasn’t asking for my opinion. I don’t think she was interested!”