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Lady Gaga snubs Madonna’s invite to join her on tour ?

The Born This Way performer has been asked to appear on Madge’s MDNA Tour but she is currently tied up with her own performances.Quoted by the Daily Mirror, Gaga’s manager Vincent Herbert said: ‘Madonna just called to ask Gaga to perform with her at Yankee Stadium. Her manager reached out to us and said Madonna would like Gaga to perform with her.
‘She really wished she could do it. She said “if we do it, let’s donate the money to charity”. But Gaga’s committed to her own tour.’
The two flamboyant performers appear to have a lot in common, including their love of wearing risque outfits on stage.
Both are renowned for putting on spectacular shows for their army of fans, and Madonna even accused her 26-year-old pretender of copying parts of Express Yourself in the hit single Born This Way.
Gaga, whose real name is Stefani Germanotta, recently kicked out at suggestions that she had put on weight.
She posted photos of herself in her pants and bra and said that she was ‘proud at any size’.

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