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Slant’s 15 Greatest Madonna Non-Singles

1. Secret Garden.
The day she ever stops “wanting, needing, waiting” will never happen, a point Madonna drives home at the climax of Erotica when she muses, “I wonder when I’ll start to show/I wonder if I’ll ever know/Where my place is/Where my face is.” Andre Betts’s shuffling breakbeat and the jazzy piano and sax flourishes serve as a musical palate cleanser following Shep Pettibone’s highly icy house beats. But make no mistake, she’s no closer to wrapping up this story, and the way her discontent radiates even through lines about how “the sun has kissed me” is a lens through which her entire rocky career can be viewed. Henderson

2. Impressive Instant
3. Sooner or Later
4. Thief of Hearts
5. Till Death Do Us Part
6. Inside of Me
7. Sanctuary
8. I Want You
9. Sky Fits Heaven
10. Waiting
11. Has to Be
12. Gang Bang
13. Over and Over
14. Easy Ride
15. Physical Attraction

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