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Madonna News - November 2013

Madonna Visits J/P Haitian Relief Organization In Haiti

J/P Haitian Relief Organization, along with founder and CEO, Sean Penn, welcomed Madonna and her son, Rocco, to the J/P HRO-managed Petionville Camp in Port-au-Prince, Haiti earlier this week where she witnessed firsthand J/P HRO’s progress in the Haiti reconstruction effort. During their visit, Madonna toured the J/P HRO camp, where there are now less than 2,000 residents in the once tent-city of 60,000 internally displaced citizens, and met with senior program managers, visited its medical facilities, community center and engineering projects and spent time at a J/P affiliated school to connect with students. She also took a tour of the site of the national palace, which J/P HRO cleared last year, and then visited the slums of Cite Soleil.

Madonna and Sean penn in Haiti

Through Instagram, Madonna engaged fans in her experience in Haiti, posting photos of the country’s inspiring children and various locales such as the beach of Ile-a-Vache, an island off the southwestern peninsula of Haiti. She encouraged fans to support J/P HRO programs which provide health care, education, construction and the safe return to permanent housing for displaced earthquake survivors residing in the Petionville Camp. This week, Penn launched his own Instagram to raise awareness of J/P’s continuing efforts in Haiti: read more →

Sean Penn thrilled to have Madonna helping out in Haiti

Madonna is in Haiti to visit humanitarian projects that ex-husband Sean Penn has been overseeing since the Caribbean nation’s devastating earthquake in 2010, the actor said Monday.

Penn said in a brief phone call to The Associated Press that he had invited Madonna, with whom he has “maintained a great friendship over the years,” to visit several times and that she had come with her son Rocco. He said they arrived a “couple of days” ago, and he wasn’t sure when she would leave.

“She’s here, she’s seeing, she’s made the effort to come here, and I’m thrilled by that,” Penn said, adding that he hoped Haiti might inspire her to seek out a cause in the country. “She has a unique platform, and wherever she chooses to bring that to, it’s very well.”

Madonna’s been busy posting photos on Instagram. One shows her posing with others at a new hospital built by public health pioneer Dr. Paul Farmer in the central part of the country. The caption: “Revolution of Love in Haiti.” Another picture shows a view of the mountains at dusk. The caption: “Sunset in Haiti. This is Heaven!”

Penn has served as an ambassador-at-large for Haiti since early 2012. He received the recognition for his work as head of a humanitarian group he co-founded in the aftermath of the earthquake, the J/P Haitian Relief Organization. The group has focused on housing and relocating thousands of people from a golf course that was among hundreds of impromptu settlements that sprang up after the quake.

His group recently sponsored five Haitian runners to participate in the New York marathon.


Martin Ciccone talks about Madonna

Madonna’s alcoholic brother has given up alcohol and revealed his sister is going to buy him some new teeth.
Martin Ciccone has suffered a troubled past in which he’s battled alcohol abuse, DUI arrests, time in jail, and multiple stints in rehab.
However the 56-year-old has finally managed to turn his life around and when tracked down by MailOnline he proudly revealed he has been sober for a year.
Now working at a rehab centre in Hollywood for alcoholics and drug addicts, Martin told how his famous sister is helping him out financially by paying for a new set of false teeth for him.
He said: ‘We are on good terms and she’s helping me out. She’s getting me some new teeth. I’m hoping to start doing voiceover work again for cartoons and video games and get back on my feet.’
Speaking about Anthony, who lives on the streets of Traverse City where temperatures regularly drop to -10c, Martin said: ‘I’m reaching out to him now.’
Asked if he thinks tragic Anthony can recover, Martin said: ‘I think anybody can do it (get sober) if they want to.’
Martin also insisted Madonna wants to help Anthony but can’t, he said: ‘She wants to help him but he doesn’t help himself. I thought it was a bit one-sided (the Anthony interview), and only from his point of view.’
Martin was cautious not to talk more about his famous sister, saying: ‘I can’t talk because she would not want me to.’
He joked: ‘When I’m ready to break out I’ll call you.’

Madonna’s Like A Prayer on Philippines charity album

A host of big names have given songs to a new compilation album designed to raise funds for the Philippines relief efforts.

The country was recently struck by Typhoon Haiyan, which left more than 5,200 people dead.

A new 39-track album called ‘Songs for the Philippines’ is now being released to raise funds for the Red Cross, with the likes of Katy Perry, One Direction, Madonna and The Beatles mining their back catalogues for songs.

The record is collection of some of the biggest names around, with other acts including Lady Gaga, Bob Dylan, Eminem, U2, Beyoncé, Bruno Mars and Justin Timberlake.

Some of the other musicians on the album, which is out now, are Justin Bieber, Adele and P!nk, whilst fun., Lorde and Kings of Leon also feature.

Some of the individual songs on the record include One Direction’s ‘Best Song Ever’, The Beatles’ ‘Let It Be’ and Kelly Clarkson’s ‘Stronger’.

All of the artists, record companies and music publishers working on the album have waived their fees.

Album is available for download now at iTunes

Madonna's Like A Prayer on Philippines charity album

Madonna Visits the University of Michigan with Daughter Lourdes

Looks like Lourdes Leon is college bound!
Madonna caused quite a stir on campus when she visited the University of Michigan with her daughter on Wednesday.
“There was a lot of excitement,” Lindsey Meekhof, a vocal performance senior there, tells PEOPLE.
“[Madonna’s] daughter was learning about our musical theater program,” Meekhof added. “Someone announced to my choir class Madonna was in the building, and choir wasn’t productive anymore after that.”
Dressed in black and wearing oversized sunglasses, the pop icon was apparently trying to go incognito as she exited the dean’s office at the music school with her daughter, 17.
Word spread quickly among students as Madonna and Lourdes – who reportedly played the role of Rizzo in her high school production of Grease – toured North Campus with a musical theater major and ate lunch at one of the residence halls.
“People that weren’t music school students were all over the area,” Meekhof said of the department located away from the university’s central campus. “Madonna tried to keep the attention on her daughter but … people were everywhere.”
Madonna, who briefly studied at Michigan before leaving to pursue her career in New York, has made it clear that the university is at the top of her list for Lourdes.
“I want my daughter to go to school there,” Madonna told the NFL Network in an interview before her Super Bowl XLVI halftime performance in 2012. “I keep telling her, Ann Arbor is an awesome place.”
A rep for Madonna had no comment on the college visit.

Forbes: Madonna is The World’s Highest-Paid Musician

Lady Gaga and Madonna have a superstar rivalry made in gossip-blog heaven. The former burst onto the scene five years ago with a provocative pop sensibility reminiscent of the latter’s. Last year, Madonna accused Gaga of ripping off one of her songs; this year, the “Born This Way” singer insisted she doesn’t want the Material Girl’s throne.

From an earnings perspective, however, there’s no question over the winner of this battle’s latest round. The honor goes to Madonna, who pulled in $125 million over the past year, making her the highest-paid musician in the world. The bulk of Madge’s millions came from the tail end of her MDNA Tour, which grossed $305 million. She augments her income with heady merchandise sales at concerts, as well as her Material Girl clothing line and Truth or Dare fragrance.

Gaga ranks second with $80 million; she grossed over $160 million on her latest tour before succumbing to a hip injury. Had she been able to finish, she would have likely topped $200 million. Her ARTPOP album was released after the end of our scoring period, but should give her a boost on next year’s list. She could easily reach the No. 1 spot with a successful set of concerts, the main driver for most major artists’ earnings.

“With touring being the biggest revenue stream, if there’s an opportunity for an artist to go out, if there’s an opportunity for a promoter to curate a festival, people are doing it, said Kevin Liles, founder of KWL Enterprises and manager of artists including Big Sean, Trey Songz and Young Jeezy.

A look at the rest of the list underscores the importance of live performances in today’s music world. Bon Jovi ranks third with $79 million, most of it from the appropriately named Because We Can tour. Road warrior Toby Keith pulled in $65 million to land the No. 4 slot, while Coldplay parlayed seven-figure nightly grosses into a $64 million payday.

Of course, product extensions can provide a major boost to an artist’s bottom line as well, and few do it better than Keith. Country’s cash king has his own record label, mescal line and restaurant chain; each outlet has its own stage.

“The beauty is where it synergizes with my label,” he explained to FORBES earlier this year. “I don’t have to look for a place [for my acts] to play … they’re in Toby’s house. They’re drinking Toby’s liquor. That’s Toby’s act. And then we’re moving to the next town.”

A few of the musicians on our list, however, generate nearly all their income to sources other than music sales, record labels and touring. Sean “Diddy” Combs, who ranks No. 11 with $50 million (making him hip-hop’s highest-paid act), earns the bulk of his bucks from his wildly successful Ciroc vodka deal. His Revolt TV network, launched in October, should provide a big boost to future earnings.

Diddy and fellow hip-hop moguls Jay Z (No. 18, $42 million) and Dr. Dre (No. 20, $40 million) are the genre’s lone representatives, while Keith is one of four country acts—Taylor Swift (No. 7, $55 million), Kenny Chesney (No. 9, $53 million) and Tim McGraw (No. 24, $33 million). The rest of the list is made up of pop divas and arena rockers, with the exceptions of Tiësto (No. 25, $32 million) and Calvin Harris (No. 13, $46 million), the world’s two highest-paid DJs.

“The rise of dance music has been astronomical in the last three years and I happened to be in the right place at the right time,” he told FORBES earlier this year.

In order to form our list, we looked at income from June 1st, 2012 through June 1st, 2013, using data sources including Pollstar, the RIAA, Nielsen SoundScan, managers, lawyers and many of the artists themselves. We took into account concert ticket sales, royalties for recorded music and publishing, merchandise sales, endorsement deals and other business ventures.

Our estimates reflect pretax income before deducting fees for agents, managers and lawyers; only living artists are eligible for the list.

That last criterion may seem trivial, but were it removed, the list would have a new champion: Michael Jackson, who pulled in $160 million.