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Martin Ciccone talks about Madonna

Madonna’s alcoholic brother has given up alcohol and revealed his sister is going to buy him some new teeth.
Martin Ciccone has suffered a troubled past in which he’s battled alcohol abuse, DUI arrests, time in jail, and multiple stints in rehab.
However the 56-year-old has finally managed to turn his life around and when tracked down by MailOnline he proudly revealed he has been sober for a year.
Now working at a rehab centre in Hollywood for alcoholics and drug addicts, Martin told how his famous sister is helping him out financially by paying for a new set of false teeth for him.
He said: ‘We are on good terms and she’s helping me out. She’s getting me some new teeth. I’m hoping to start doing voiceover work again for cartoons and video games and get back on my feet.’
Speaking about Anthony, who lives on the streets of Traverse City where temperatures regularly drop to -10c, Martin said: ‘I’m reaching out to him now.’
Asked if he thinks tragic Anthony can recover, Martin said: ‘I think anybody can do it (get sober) if they want to.’
Martin also insisted Madonna wants to help Anthony but can’t, he said: ‘She wants to help him but he doesn’t help himself. I thought it was a bit one-sided (the Anthony interview), and only from his point of view.’
Martin was cautious not to talk more about his famous sister, saying: ‘I can’t talk because she would not want me to.’
He joked: ‘When I’m ready to break out I’ll call you.’