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Madonna News - November 2014

Dermot O’Leary talks cocktails with Madonna

Dermot O’Leary stopped by heat Towers this morning for a chat on heat radio with Lucie Cave about all things Dermot ahead of the release of his biography Soundtrack To My Life. And dishes the dirt on when he interviewed Madonna and she insisted they go for Mojitos. Y’know, as you do…

It was during that brilliant Channel 4 special and, halfway through, her Madgesty expressed interest in checking out the range of cocktails. ‘Halfway through the interview, she said ‘What kind of cocktails do they do here?’ and immediately you’re like ‘THINK OF A THING! AAAAH I DONT KNOW!’ and then someone saidthey had mojitos so she was like ‘OK after this we’re going to have mojitos’,’ he remembers. ‘ You think, well, we’re not really going to are we. After the interview, your PR is going to whisk you away and I’m never going to see you again, but its a nice thing to say. We wrapped the interview, and she said ‘OK come on lets go!’ so fifteen minutes later, myself and my producer (who was beside himself) and two quite bemused cameramen were at a cocktail bar.’

But what did they talk about?! ‘Oh, smalltalk. That’s the lovely thing about our job, with big stars you always find commonality, people are either ‘people people’ or they’re not and obviously Madonna is her own woman, and really strong, but i found her really personable!’

Madonna with Dermot O'Leary


Isabella Rossellini: Madonna, Too Beautiful, Too Perfect

In 1992, actress-model Isabella Rossellini made headlines when she collaborated with Madonna on what was to become the Material Girl’s most controversial project to date, the Sex book.

HuffPost Live’s Ryan Buxton grilled Rossellini on her feelings on Madonna’s Sex now, 22 years after its release. In recent years, the star, now 62, has been critical of the book, calling it “moralistic” in its approach to the subject matter.

“I was delighted to be able to work with [photographer Steven Meisel] and I was delighted to work with Madonna, because she’s a very interesting woman,” she said. “I wanted to be part of it when they asked me to be part of it.”

As for the final product, she said, “If you see a businessman — or me, an older woman — naked, there is a vulnerability. I thought that the book lacked that.”

She added, “Madonna was almost too beautiful, too perfect … too shaped, to have that vulnerability or the sense of shock that a regular, more normal, not so professional fitted body, could convey.”

Watch the video at

Isabella Rossellini on Madonna

Andy Cohen talks Madonna

Andy Cohen talks inviting Madonna to his party on Howard Stern show. Starts at 7:58:

Madonna gives Valentino cold shoulder

Is Madonna and Valentino’s friendship taking a bow?
The two have been close friends for years, with the Material Girl notably spending time at the designer’s many estates. But spies at the recent WSJ Magazine Innovator Awards bash say the two were at the same table but didn’t acknowledge each other.
“It’s so weird,” an onlooker tells Threads. “It looked like there had been a falling out between the two.”
Furthermore, the sharp-tongued singer scolded Valentino’s partner, Giancarlo Giammetti, snapping, “Please put your phone away, sir” while onstage speaking.
Plus Madonna skipped out on two events for Valentino last week — a party for his entertaining guide, “Valentino: At the Emperor’s Table,” and a dinner hosted by Christie’s on Saturday night.
But Madge’s rep insists: “Madonna’s been locked in the recording studio. Regarding your question [about Madonna and Valentino], as the song goes, their love is here to stay. They remain very good friends and Madonna winked at Giancarlo — also a good friend who she adores — after she told him not to film her … sometimes known as joking around with a person.”
So, maybe there is a ray of light?
New York Post

Video: Diplo confirms Madonna, Nicki Minaj collaboration

“…I just worked with Madonna, as well. We have a bunch of songs that are kinda like standard for her. Then one night, we got drunk (and she said) “play me the craziest record you have” and we wrote the song right there, on the most ridiculous beats… the record with Madonna and Nicki Minaj. It’s crazy”
Starts at 10:25:

Video: Graham Norton talks Madonna snub


Norton also discusses meeting Madonna, and her attending David Collins’ funeral in Dublin, during the interview for the Pat Kenny Show. Starts at 44:08:

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Madonna’s clothes sell for millions

A collection of dresses and outfits worn by Madonna during her career in music and film helped a celebrity auction raise $3.2m (£2m).

The highest lot was a jacket from Desperately Seeking Susan, which fetched $252,000, while a gown from her Material Girl video reached $73,125.

The Californian auction also saw lots from Michael Jackson, Cher and The Beatles.