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Shirley Manson on Madonna, sexism

Madonna is one fifty-something musician who’s been very vocal about discrimination against ageing divas, but when asked about Madonna’s outspokenness on the matter, Manson says, “When I look at Madonna, I think Madonna should not give a f— what anybody has to say about her age. She should explore who she is now. It would be infinitely more interesting [than her] being concerned with whether we find her sexy or not. She’s got so much more to offer than that. She should be like, ‘Kiss my ass. I’m Madonna. I may be old, but I will always have my legacy behind me and you motherf—ers won’t!’ I don’t know why she cares so much.”

Manson does acknowledge that being known as a sex symbol is “a hard thing to give up on” – not just for Madonna and other music stars, but “for every woman. It’s not easy to let go of that. But you have to have the confidence to make that jump and understand that you have so much more to offer as a woman than your beauty and your youth. That’s why I always encourage women to have a second act. It’s great being beautiful and sexy, but have something else in your pocket. Age comes to us all; we can’t escape it, no matter how much Botox we put in our faces or what beautiful clothes we wear… And let’s make no mistake: When a woman [who’s had work done] walks in the room, no one thinks, ‘Oh wow, here comes a 20-year-old!’”

Shirley Manson talks about Madonna

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