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Madonna News - August 2016

Dan Gilroy to release a film about Madonna

An “intimate” upcoming documentary about Madonna’s romance with a New York musician before the Material Girl was a megastar will include deeply personal letters and recordings made by the singer in bed, Page Six has learned.

The film, which follows Madonna’s relationship with fellow singer Dan Gilroy, will include private tapes of “bedroom talk” that Madge made while in the sack with Gilroy, we’re told, as well as love letters that she wrote him.

Madonna by Dan Gilroy

Gilroy — who fronted the one-hit-wonder pop group the Breakfast Club, and dated Madonna for around 18 months beginning in 1979 — has turned over hours of video and stacks of letters and photos to director Guy Guido for the project. The documentary “Emmy and the Breakfast Club” — which includes “re-enactments” as well as interviews — focuses on the period from 1979 to 1982, immediately before Madonna became famous, while she was living in an abandoned synagogue in Corona, Queens, with Dan and his brother, Ed Gilroy.

The in-the-works flick is set to reveal everything from “sweet little love notes that she would leave for Dan” to “very poetic love letters ­expressing her feelings for him and the struggles of their relationship,” the director said.

A 20-minute recording the couple made in bed, Guido told us, captures the pair “having fun with each other and bedroom talk, and also getting into a little philosophical life discussion.” He added that it’s “silly, romantic bantering.”

The decision to release such personal material without Madonna’s consent wasn’t taken lightly.

Madonna by Dan Gilroy

“There are some intimate things, but at this point they’re ready to share. Especially Dan — he’s been holding this in a very long time,” Guido told Page Six. The director also said that while young Madonna’s relationship with Gilroy is the “meat” of the movie, it also explores her ferocious ambition and drive to make it in the music business.

Guido said he hopes to be finished working on the film by January 2017, and that a major distributor will release it.

Madonna by Dan Gilroy

New York Post

Madonna’s Last Visit To Malawi

As you know, Madonna and her family spent time in Malawi a few weeks ago. Besides soccer games with the children of Malawi and visiting their friends from I AM BECAUSE WE ARE, Madonna was able to spend time at the new pediatric hospital that she is building with Raising Malawi. It will be the country’s first and only pediatric surgery and intensive care unit. The facility is scheduled to open early 2017. Visit this page now for photos of the evolution of the construction:

During her trip, Madonna also met with His Excellency President Peter Muthrika to discuss girls’ education and the pediatric surgery project and spent time at the Home of Hope orphanage. Check out Raising Malawi’s Instagram for some great photos!

For more information on the organization’s work or to support it, go to and stay tuned to in the new few weeks for exciting news on how you can be involved in opening this amazing new hospital!

Madonna in Malawi

Madonna’s Instagram: Back to the Gym

Time to get back to getting my ass whooped in the gym. Yasssssssssss Hard Candy give it to me!! Send. Me your weapons of mass@destruction!

Madonna goes back to the gym

Madonna via Instagram