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Madonna News - May 2017

Gossip: Seeing Madonna naked ‘scared Michael Jackson off women’

One of Michael Jackson‘s closest friends has claimed that the King of Pop had absolutely no interest in women after a strange encounter with Madonna.

Oliver! child star Mark Lester has revealed that Michael “screamed and ran away” when he spotted Madonna naked in his bed.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, Mark alleged: “When he entered the room, she was in bed, threw the covers off and was completely naked.

“He took one look at her and screamed and ran away — not something I’d have done!”

Madonna with Michael jackson

Mark, who played the title character in 1968 musical Oliver!, has also claimed that as a result of Michael’s disinterest in women, he used Mark as a “sperm donor” and Mark is the biological father of his daughter, Paris.

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Matthew Modine Remembers Madonna is ‘Vision Quest’

1985 was the year a rising pop star named Madonna went supernova thanks to her starring role in the hit comedy Desperately Seeking Susan and her first blockbuster North American concert tour. But the singer didn’t look like the next big music sensation when she turned up on the set of the high school wrestling movie Vision Quest — which was released in February 1985, two months before Susan and the Virgin Tour — to film a small role as a nightclub singer serenading the movie’s stars, Matthew Modine and Linda Fiorentino.

“She looked like Boy George,” Modine tells Yahoo Movies. “The producers were saying this girl was going to be such a big star, but I remember people not really being impressed.” Even her songs left listeners cold. First, she performed the largely forgotten “Gambler,” followed by “Crazy for You,” which has since become a staple of proms around the world, but slightly underwhelmed listeners at the time. “We thought, ‘Oh, that’s a sweet song,‘” Modine says of hearing that slow dance anthem for the first time.

Madonna in Vision Quest

Within a year, though, the actor discovered just how big a star Madonna had become. While visiting Rome to discuss a potential film role, Modine saw a giant poster of the singer’s face, with “Crazy for You” printed in Italian. “I thought, ‘Oh, she must be doing a concert here.’ But then I looked at the poster a little bit closer and at the bottom I saw myself [in a scene from the film] with my arms in the air. The movie had gone from being a Matthew Modine movie that Madonna was in to a Madonna movie that Matthew Modine was in! That’s how fate would have it.”

Thirty-two years later, Vision Quest‘s Madonna-scored montages are among the highlights of a teen sports movie that’s clearly made in the image of The Karate Kid — a box-office sensation the year prior — but has its own unique moves. Available for the first time on Blu-ray, Vision Quest is notable for how it avoids giving the underdog hero, Lowden Swain (Modine), a Cobra Kai-style nemesis to defeat on the wrestling mat. Instead, his final opponent, Brian Shute (Frank Jasper), is presented as a decent guy who is on his own “vision quest” — a self-imposed rite of passage that leads teenagers into adulthood. In Lowden’s case, that quest involves dropping 22 pounds to wrestle Brian, who is in a lower weight class.

And when the two meet before their climactic match, Shute reveals himself to be anything but a Johnny Lawrence clone. “He’s a good athlete trying to be the best athlete,” Modine says of Jasper’s character. “He’s not this monster Lowden is going to slay. Anyone who has ever put on a wrestling singlet knows that the person you’re actually wrestling is yourself. It’s about discovering what your own personal strengths and weaknesses are.” In fact, in the novel that inspired the film, author Terry Davis declined to reveal the outcome of the Swain vs. Shute throwdown, from which Lowden emerges the victor onscreen.

“It’s just about him achieving his goal of being there to wrestle Brian,” Modine says. “Of course, with a movie we want a little bit more than that. We want that euphoric moment of seeing a person accomplishing their goal. There’s been talk about remaking this movie, but I think whenever a screenwriter tries to approach it from a 2017 perspective, it’s impossible to make. The world that Lowden Swain exists in is so different than the world we live in today.”

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Rebel Heart Tour CD / DVD / Blu-Ray Full Press Realese

MADONNA: REBEL HEART TOUR LIVE DVD, BLU-RAY AND DIGITAL CONCERT FILM TO BE RELEASED THIS AUTUMN WITH LIVE ALBUM NEW YORK – May 12, 2017 – MADONNA today announced her record-breaking MADONNA: REBEL HEART TOUR will be released by Eagle Vision September 15th on digital download, DVD and blu-ray complete with bonus content.

DVD and blu-ray versions with an audio CD of highlights from the much-heralded tour will also be available.

The Material Girl will also release a live album featuring 22 songs from the Rebel Heart Tour, available on double CD and digital download.

The MADONNA: REBEL HEART TOUR film was recorded around the world and features both live and behind the scenes material, as well as previously unreleased footage culminating with performances at the Sydney Qudos Bank Arena (formerly known as the Allphones Arena) in Australia in March of 2016.

MADONNA: REBEL HEART TOUR is co-directed by Danny B. Tull and Nathan Rissman, both of whom have worked extensively with Madonna on her feature films and tour movies.

The DVD cover art was designed by Madonna fan Aldo Diaz.

The tracklist for MADONNA: REBEL HEART TOUR film and live concert album span all decades of the iconic superstar’s illustrious career, including songs from her chart-topping Rebel Heart album to classic fan favorites.

Of particular note to longtime fans will be the new interpretations of some of Madonna’s timeless hits.

Praise includes: Madonna is Unstoppable (New York Times); doesn’t Miss a Beat (Washington Post); the Queen of Pop…an inspirational figure (LA Weekly); there’s nobody else near her throne (Rolling Stone); the ultimate professional (Entertainment Weekly); a display of superstar invincibility (Financial Times); the greatest living performer on earth (The Oxford Student).

Produced by Live Nation Global Touring, the Rebel Heart Tour kicked off on September 9, 2015 in Montreal and visited arenas in 55 cities on four continents over seven months.

Madonna performed 82 shows, plus the special “Tears Of A Clown” fan club show in Melbourne.

The tour grossed $169.8M with 1,045,479 in attendance, making her the top grossing touring female artist in the history of Billboard Boxscore with over $1.31 billion in tickets sold over the course of her career.

Madonna is also the fourth top grossing touring act since tracking began in 1990. The Rebel Heart Tour was directed by Jamie King with musical direction by Kevin Antunes (with band keyboardist Ric’key Pageot, drummer Brian Frasier-Moore, guitarist Monte Pittman, and background vocalists Kiley Dean and Nicki Richards), lead choreography by Megan Lawson, hair by Andy LeCompte, makeup by Aaron Henrikson, and costume design by Arianne Phillips.

Pre-order information coming soon.

Rebel Heart Tour

Rebel Heart Tour CD / DVD / Blu-Ray announced

Madonna announced her new concert film, Rebel Heart Tour, will be released September 15th. The live film originally premiered on Showtime in December 2016 and was taped during Madonna’s Sydney, Australia concerts in March 2016.

The film includes bonus content such as live and behind-the-scenes unreleased footage. The career-spanning set list featured hits from throughout Madonna’s discography, as well as reinterpreted renditions of classic tracks, acoustic versions of “Like A Prayer,” “Secret” and “Don’t Tell Me” and her first ever in-concert performances of “Take a Bow.”

Madonna fan Aldo Diaz designed Rebel Heart Tour’s cover art, while the singer’s frequent collaborators Danny Tull and Nathan Rissman co-directed the film. Rebel Heart Tour will be released as a digital download, DVD/Blu-ray and a standalone CD featuring highlights from the concert.

Madonna Rebel Heart Tour cover

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Patti LuPone Slams Madonna as a ‘Movie Killer’

Patti LuPone slammed Madonna’s acting abilities during an appearance on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen on Tuesday, May 9.

The Broadway legend, 68, and the pop superstar, 58, both played Argentinian First Lady Eva Perón in Evita; LuPone won a Tony Award for her role in the original 1979 Broadway production, while Madonna won a Golden Globe for the 1996 film adaptation.

During Tuesday’s WWHL, Cohen asked LuPone to share her thoughts on Madonna’s performance in Evita, and she didn’t hold back. “I was on the treadmill. You know when MTV used to have music videos, right? I saw, I believe it was ‘Buenos Aires,’ and I thought it was a piece of s–t,” she said. “Madonna is a movie killer. She’s dead behind the eyes. She cannot act her way out of a paper bag. She should not be in film or on stage. She’s a wonderful performer for what she does, but she’s not an actress.”

LuPone also told viewers that she and the “Vogue” singer have never had a conversation about their respective performances in Evita, though they have crossed paths. “She was downstairs at the Mitzi Newhouse [Theater in New York] when I was upstairs doing Anything Goes in the Vivian Beaumont, and a press agent actually put a sign up that there was only one diva allowed in this theater at a time,” LuPone said. “It wasn’t me! It was the press agent that did it. I don’t know whether she ever found out about it. I did meet her after her opening night party, and the only thing that Madonna has ever said to me was, ‘I’m taller than you.'”

In general, the theater vet isn’t a fan of many film adaptations of stage musicals. “I don’t know why people assume they can do musicals or make movie musicals without ever having been involved with the process of making a musical,” she said, noting that she didn’t enjoy 2012’s Les Misérables. “That’s the thing I don’t understand.”

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Madonna congratulates Emmanuel Macron on French election win

Congrats to Emmanuel and Brigitte Macron. 🇫🇷🇫🇷 !!!!! Fun Fact for Monday is that the first Lady of France is 24 yrs older than her husband and no one in France seems to care about their age difference nor insisted that Brigitte “Act her Age” 😂🎉👍🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🇫🇷🇫🇷♥️ Vive La France!

Madonna congratulates Emmanuel Macron

Madonna via Instagram

Guy Ritchie reveals Madonna divorce felt like ‘death’

Guy Ritchie says the breakdown of his marriage to Madonna was “like a death”.

Although the 48-year-old director is now happily married to Jacqui Ainsley, 35, he admitted that his divorce from Madonna, 58 – the mother of his sons Rocco and David – in 2008 was tough.

He told the Mail on Sunday’s Event magazine: “A marriage breakdown is a death. That is all I can say. Now I just want to say positive things about her. I don’t regret being married to her, I don’t, you know, not in the slightest.

“She’s a wonderful mother and has been very good to the kids, and her new kids, the twins, will have a wonderful education and receive lots of love. No one could say anything negative about that.”

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Madonna’s Instagram: MET Gala 2017

Just Hanging out at the Met! Thanks Jeremy for my kick ass dress! 🔫🔫🔫💯🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉. Dont F**k wid us! 😂🙌🏻

Madonna at 2017 MET Gala

Sometimes you just have to let your friends rest on your boobies! 🤡🤡🤡

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