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Rihanna on her Favorite Madonna Photo for Vogue Paris

Rihanna on Madonna for Vogue Paris

Translation: “My favorite Madonna image. A Versace campaign by Steven Meisel. So sexy. A mixture of ultra-femininity, she has voluptuous breast, flawless platinum blonde, silky skin, and masculinity, muscular legs ,jewels so ghetto … And lavender is my favorite color. Not to mention Madonna! We met at Met Ball several times in private parties. She’s a legend. An inspiration for so many artists, especially girls, first and foremost me. She created real visual shocks, on stage, in pictures or in her videos. SHE FEARS OF NOTHING. I believe that by pushing the boundaries as she did, by provoking, she was looking for herself. She wanted to see where her own limits were, how far she would be able to go. Not to mention her talent to reinvent herself. In the early 90s, she is already the “Queen of Pop”, some thought she was out of breath, suddenly, she releases Vogue and puts everyone on their knees. She’s iconic, she’s been around for thirty years and proves to the world that she’s unbreakable. And she is still here”

Scans and Translation by loowee via Madonna Nation

Rihanna on Madonna for Vogue Paris