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Spider-man star Tom Holland’s awkward run-in with Madonna

If you’re meeting a legendary pop star on a whim, you’d best hope you can keep it cool.

Tom Holland has opened up about the first time he met Madonna — and it didn’t go as smoothly as he hoped.

In a recent interview on the Graham Norton Show, the Spider-Man star said meeting the pop star was “one of his most embarrassing experiences”.

Madonna Made Tom Holland Show Off His Dance Moves – The Graham Norton Show

At the Oscars after-party earlier this year, Holland said he was introduced to the singer by a friend.

“An old friend of mine who’s a manager comes up to me and is like, ‘Tom! Tom! Do you know Madonna?’ And I’m like, ‘Funny enough, no.’ So, he drags me across this nightclub and introduces me to Madonna.”

He said his friend knew he was struggling to keep it cool, so he tried to help him out.

“(My friend) can see me panicking and goes, ‘Madonna, Tom is an incredible dancer.’ She goes, ‘Really? That’s something I’d love to see — show me!

“So, I take her hand and drag her out onto the dance floor and as soon as I took her I realised it was a mistake.”

Uh oh.

“I start dancing with her and — there’s not much arms involved, I’m just doing a little twostep to try to warm myself up — and she’s so unimpressed…I just bailed and left. I just leave Madonna on the dance floor.”

Who does that? Who leaves Madonna high and dry on the dance floor?

We can all learn a valuable lesson here. If you’re trying to impress the queen of pop, don’t try and bull your way through it.

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