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Video: Quavo talks about Madonna collaboration

Quavo was on The Cruz Show, he talked about Madonna, “Champagne rose” track.
The part about Madonna starts around 5 minutes into the video:


“Champagne rose”? You’ve got Cardi and Madonna on the same track. Talk to me, how that came about?

Madonna had sent me this voiceover. She was just snapping and singing. She was probably singing in the bathroom. I called Murda. I told him we got to do something to this voiceover asap. He came in, I did the drums, he did the flute. I was happy with it, but I still wanted a bigger moment. I was like, let’s create this whole new Motorsport wave again, so I grabbed Cardi B and was like… Madonna, Cardi… she loves Cardi… Cardi loves Madonna. It only made sense to do it.
I brought Madonna to the trap.