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Madonna News - March 2019

‘We argued a lot’: Inside the making of Madonna’s ‘divorce album’

To celebrate 30 years since Like a Prayer, producers Patrick Leonard and Stephen Bray discuss the creation of her controversial opus

March 1989, I open a large record envelope and a waft of patchouli oil hits my nostrils. Inside is the new Madonna album. The cover art features hippy beads and her crotch in jeans. This image is a nod to her mother, a devout Catholic of French-Canadian stock, who covered up their Sacred Heart statue when a woman came round the house wearing zip-up jeans. “In Catholicism you are born a sinner … the sin is within you the whole time,” Madonna said at the time. Dedicated to the memory of her mother, Like a Prayer explores the impact of her Catholic girlhood, disappointment in love and transformation of self. Compared to the sugar-sweet True Blue, this is a startling reinvention.

Madonna like A Prayer 30

During recording, from September 1988 to January 1989 at Johnny Yuma studios in LA, Madonna was at the worst point in her marriage to Sean Penn. She had filed for divorce the previous year but was spending time with him trying to work things out. “I remember some days she wore sunglasses all day in the studio,” recalls her then co-songwriter and co-producer Patrick Leonard. “She was going through very hard times.” Making the record, however, was her salvation. After the bouncy grooves of 1984’s Like a Virgin and the upbeat celebration of her love for Penn in True Blue (1986), Madonna was in a more introspective mood. Penn had an explosive temper, and as their marriage foundered amid constant fighting, her career hit a stale patch with professional flops Shanghai Surprise, the film she starred in with Penn, and Who’s That Girl, a comedy heist movie with a patchy soundtrack. Madonna found a focus for her divorce madness in the new album. read more →

“Madonna: An Intimate Biography of an Icon at Sixty” Book out in April

“Madonna: An Intimate Biography of an Icon at Sixty” by J. Randy Taraborrelli Press Release

Always provocative. Always talented. Always iconic and now finally understood.

Madonna: An Intimate Biography of an Icon at Sixty

For more than three decades Madonna has been generating headlines and topping music charts. J. Randy Taraborrelli has written the definitive biography of one of the most successful pop stars in the world, whose music has constantly evolved and who has remained relevant to a massive global fanbase throughout an epic career.

From the driven, ambitious young woman struggling to get a break in New York to the outrageous pop diva and more spiritual mother, the changing faces of Madonna are revealed. We see her relationships with Jean-Michel Basquiat, Tupac, Prince, Warren Beatty and what happened in her marriages to Sean Penn and Guy Ritchie. We see her embracing motherhood and today with five children, still recording and touring and defiantly living life on her own terms.

Madonna is based on decades of research and exclusive interviews with people speaking of her publicly for the first time – including friends, business associates and even family members. J. Randy Taraborrelli has also interviewed the star herself on numerous occasions and he draws on first-hand experiences to bring Madonna to life as not merely a sensational tabloid delight but as a flesh-and-blood woman with human weaknesses, alongside great strengths and ambitions.

‘A thoroughly professional job…makes her more, not less, fascinating.’ Lynn Barber, Daily Telegraph
‘A fascinating document of – ka-boom! – blonde ambition.’ Heat
‘A great read that’s as spirited as Madge herself…This is the Madonna biography.’ Daily Mirror
‘A book you will find yourself “just dipping into” for hours at a stretch.’ Evening Standard

J. Randy Taraborrelli is the bestselling and renowned celebrity biographer whose titles include Becoming Beyoncé, Michael Jackson: The Magic and the Madness, The Secret Life of Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth, Call Her Miss Ross, Sinatra: The Man and the Myth and Once Upon a Time: The Story of Princess Grace, Prince Rainier and their Family. He regularly appears on TV as a news commentator and lives in Los Angeles.

“Madonna: An Intimate Biography of an Icon at Sixty” is available for pre-order at Amazon UK, release date is set for April April 18 2019.

Madonna Record Store Day 2019 Releases

True Blue (Super Club Mix)

Madonna – True Blue (Super Club Mix)
12″ 6 track EP (BLUE COLOUR VINYL)

Replica of Japanese pressing of Madonna’s “”True Blue Super Club Mix”” , with obi strip. On Blue Colour Vinyl.

A1 True Blue (The Color Mix)
A2 Everybody (Dub Version)
B1 Papa Don’t Preach (Extended Remix)
B2 Everybody (Extended Version) B3 Live To Tell (Instrumental)”

La Isla Bonita (Super Mix)

Madonna – La Isla Bonita (Super Mix)

Replica of the Japan-only EP release of “La Isla Bonita: Super Mix EP”, originally released on May 1987 by Warner-Pioneer Japan.

A1 La Isla Bonita” (Extended remix)
A2 Open Your Heart” (Extended Version)
B1 Gambler
B2 Crazy for You
B3 La Isla Bonita” (Instrumental)

RSD is on Saturday 13th April!