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Madonna News - April 2019

“Medellin” video director revealed

According to Jenesaispop and DrownedMadonna Diana Kunst is the director of Madonna’s new video “Medellin”.
Kunst recently directed James Blake ft. Rosalia “Barefoot in the Park, Rosalia’s “De Aqui No Sales’ and A$AP Rocky ft FKA Twigs – Fukk Sleep video.

Video is expected to premiere tomorrow.

Madonna Madame X Album Teaser in HD

Madame X is a secret agent
Traveling around the world
Changing identities
Fighting for freedom
Bringing light to dark places

She is a cha cha instructor
A professor
A head of state
A housekeeper
An equestrian
A prisoner
A student
A teacher
A nun
A cabaret singer
A saint
A prostitute

New Madonna Photo by Mert Alas

Mert Alas posted a new photo of Madonna on his Instagram profile:

“Madam X last night ❤️ @madonna”

Madonna by Mert Alas

Sky Arts to air “Urban Myths: Madonna And Basquait”

Urban Myths series features raucous episodes fictionalizing some of the most peculiar stories to have ever leaked out of Hollywood, the music industry and the world of art and culture. International Emmy Award-nominated comedy. Following the previous two series, new episodes of Urban Myths continue to wryly re-imagine how certain events unfolded, through the eyes of some of Britain’s most talented writers and directors.

Urban Myths: Madonna And Basquait will air Wednesday 15th May on Sky Arts at 9pm.

Urban Myths: Madonna And Basquait

Before she was famous, Madonna had a short but passionate and influential relationship with Jean-Michel Basquiat, a pioneer and darling of the 1980s New York art scene. Basquiat was riding high while Madonna was a coat check girl, but she already had the self-belief to know she had something special. This myth takes place across one night on the New York subway, just before she infamously door-stepped music producer Seymour Stein at his hospital bedside where he signed her on the spot. This is a poignant moment, before Basquiat’s untimely death and just before Madonna broke through to “take over the motherfucking world”.

Starring Sophie Kennedy Clark (Madonna), Calvin Demba (Basquiat), Paul Kaye (Tramp) and David Bamber (Drunk). Written by Sarah Solemani. Directed by Adam Wimpenny and Sarah Solemani. Produced by Adam Morane-Griffiths and Joe Hill at Wildcard Films.

Madonna refused John F Kennedy Jr’s offer to pose as Jackie Kennedy

John F Kennedy Jr once tried to get Madonna to pose as his mother on the cover of his magazine George:

…There were always things that we’d think he was going to be weirded out about but he wasn’t. He wanted to do a cover about his mother. Something about telling the truth, it was his idea. He wanted somebody dressed like his mother sitting on a pile of every book that’s ever been written about her. And I was like, “It sounds great, but we don’t need the books.” He called Madonna and asked her to do it. We were like, “Holy sh*t, you’re going to see Jackie Kennedy on the cover with the sunglasses and the hair and then you’re going to look again and it’s Madonna.”

He faxed Madonna a note. And she called, I remember she left a voicemail. “Hi, it’s Madonna calling for John. I don’t know if this is the right number, but this is the number that he gave me” — clearly annoyed that she was in voicemail. So he told her the idea, and she faxed a note back. It said, “Dear Johnny Boy” — because she loved to f*ck with him — “Thanks for asking me to be your mother, but I’m afraid I could never do her justice. My eyebrows aren’t thick enough, for one. When you want me to portray Eva Braun, I might say yes.”

Madonna and John F Kennedy Jr

From Hollywood Reporter feature