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Madame X – The Sun Review

Say what you like about Madonna – she’s never boring.
In an industry which is quickly becoming devoid of personality, she has returned with her most diverse and out-there record ever.
Madame X sees Madge sing in Portuguese on a handful of the tracks including the upbeat Crazy and Bitch, I’m Loca, on which she teams up with Maluma again.
And she’s as cheeky as ever on the tune, which ends with her telling the Reggaeton star: “You can put it inside.”
Dark Ballet features a high-octane reimagining of the Dance Of The Sugar Plum Fairy while she addresses under-fire minority groups in Killers Who Are Partying.
I Don’t Search I Find harks back to the Nineties with an ambient trance beat, which is totally different from God Control and Come Alive, which feature vocals by Tiffin Children’s Choir, from South West London.
This collection could easily have felt like a clash of cultures gone too far, but there’s very little she can’t turn her hand to.
It’s ultra-contemporary, packed with variety and totally unlike anything she has done before.
Just like she did in 1998 with Ray Of Light, this is Madonna’s reinvention.

5 out of 5 stars

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