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Madame X Tour – The Sun Review

Madonna kicked off her Madame X tour in typically controversial fashion last night — with raunchy set-pieces and blunt political messages.
The Queen of Pop, 60, pretended to perform a sex act on herself, likened one song to sleeping with Mozart and mocked President Donald Trump’s manhood.
She also brought three of her children on stage in front of the 2,000-strong audience at the Brooklyn Academy of Music.
Asked what she wanted to tell the crowd, seven-year-old daughter Stella said: “Me too” — in reference to the sex abuse campaign.
Stella was also joined by twin Esther in chanting: “You’re not my bitch.”
Madge, who offered a half-hearted apology for the 10.30 pm start, swigged from a beer bottle and joked she found one of her dancers on gay dating app Grindr.
After singing 1986 hit Papa Don’t Preach, she told the audience: “I think it’s important women have the right to decide what to do with their bodies.”
At another point, she joked: “What do you call a man with a small penis? Donald Trump.”
Of her time in Portugal while son David Banda, 13, pursued a football career, she said she was “alone, bored and without friends”.
She added: “I was invited to a fado club. The music is made up of melancholy, sadness and longing — the best description of me.”
She’s never been one to play by the rules.
And, in her Madame X theatre tour, Madonna took the book, tore it up and spat it out.
The tiny Brooklyn Academy of Music gave Madonna’s fans the most intense and intimate experience with their idol — and she gave them more than just a thrilling performance.
She offered the chance for pictures and gave the audience of 2,000 the opportunity to speak and interact with her throughout — something almost never done by superstars of her magnitude.
Her voice was impressive and on key throughout — shooting down any doubts which surfaced at Eurovision where she was let down by a technical failure.
Madonna seamlessly worked her way through 23 songs, including classics Vogue and Like A Prayer alongside a ream of her newer hits such as Medellin.
She danced, writhed and did a headstand in the two-hour, 15-minute performance and barely looked out of breath.
Madonna’s decision to ban phones also made the experience more personal and she revelled at being able to look into the audience’s eyes.
With her Madame X Tour, Madonna has redefined modern pop concerts as we know them and puts young superstars in the shade with her daring routines and incredible vocal range.
If anyone doubted whether Madonna still had it, I can safely say that she most definitely does. In spades.

5 out of 5 stars

by Ellie Henman / The Sun