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Madonna on the cover of 1000th issue of Hot Press Magazine

The 1000th issue of Hot Press – which has five covers, to mark the five decades that we’ve been on the road – is out now!

For our 1000th issue, we decided to do something special. As 2019 draws to a close, we wanted our 1000th issue to look back on five decades of music and culture, and maybe even to talk a little bit about the part that Hot Press has played in documenting their developments.

Cover #3: Madonna
For our ’90s cover, we feature the biggest pop artist of her generation, and possibly the most influential female performer of all time. Madonna has spent her career embodying much of what Hot Press is all about – she’s pushed the boundaries of pop music, reinvented her music and image time and again, and her progressive outlook on issues like sex and gender have drawn controversy from more conservative bases (not that that’s ever stopped her from doing what she wants…)

Madonna on the cover of Hot Press