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Madonna’s Instagram Feed: January 2020

I am deeply sorry that I have to cancel my concert scheduled for Monday January 27th in London. Under doctors guidance I have been told to rest for a few days. As you all know, I have injuries that have plagued me since the beginning of the tour but I must always listen to my body and put my health first. The last thing I want to do is disappoint my fans or compromise the integrity of my show. So I will keep going until I cannot. As always- anyone who purchased a ticket will be refunded for tickets purchased that evening. The show on Wednesday January 29th will go as scheduled. Again I am deeply sorry to disappoint anyone and please know that it hurts me more than you can imagine to have to cancel any shows. Thank you again for your understanding. 🙏.

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Madonna's Instagram Madonna's Instagram Madonna's Instagram Madonna's Instagram Madonna's Instagram Madonna's Instagram Madonna's Instagram Madonna's Instagram Madonna's Instagram Madonna via Instagram, on January 25 2020 read more →

Madonna on 2019 Year-End Lists

Albumism 50 Best Albums of 2019

12. Madonna – Madame X
According to Mark J. Marraccini: “Madonna’s radically adventurous and globally-inspired Madame X polarized fans and critics for good reason. It’s her least accessible album, but it’s also up there with the best she’s ever made….Years from now, we’ll look back on Madame X as the Madonna album that’s most closely aligned with the real Madonna Louise Veronica Ciccone, and one of her most artistically audacious and authentic offerings.”

Billboard The 50 Best Albums of 2019: Staff Picks

46. Madonna, Madame X

After two albums of Madonna sounding like she was largely playing catch-up to mainstream trends (2012’s EDM-courting MDNA and 2015’s collaborator-stuffed Rebel Heart), the pop GOAT decided to go back to blazing her own trail, and not looking over her shoulder at how many were following her lead. Top 40 and streaming audiences might not have been particularly amenable to her genre-hopping free-for-all, but longtime fans found plenty to chew on in the set’s unpredictable excursions — including a Walter Carlos-like dip into synthified Tchaikovsky in “Dark Ballet,” a Random Access Memories-worthy prog-disco odyssey in “God Control,” and a welcome return to Latin pop in the breezy Maluma team-ups “Medellín” and “Bitch I’m Loca.” Madge can rest assured that anyone still trekking along with her at this point is in for the long haul, and excited as ever for what twists and turns lay ahead. read more →

Desperately Seeking Susan to be released on Blu-Ray in Germany

Madonna’s 1985 Classic Desperately Seeking Susan is set to be released on Blu-Ray/DVD Mediabook in Germany on March 27th.
The Bonus Features are a Commentary track by Director Susan Seidelman, Alternative Ending and Trailer.
Blu-Ray will include the Original Audio Track (Dolby Digital 5.1), German dub (DTS-HD 5.1) and German subtitles.
Pre-order is available at Amazon Germany.

Madonna Desperately Seeking Susan Blu-Ray