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Shirley Manson on Madonna

“To be brutally frank I was never a huge fan of Madonna when I was young. I wasn’t particularly impressed by the sound of her voice and I was too busy listening to punk and new wave to pay close enough attention to the intellectual and creative side of her music, messaging and imagery. I knew of her music only through my little sister who was deeply, worryingly obsessed with her. She played Madonna at stun volume all hours of the day and night. It is only now that I am a grown-up that I fully appreciate and understand what I was missing, what Madonna did and stood for,fought for, demystified and subverted. I am deeply and sincerely grateful for all that Madonna has achieved. She rewrote the playbook. She flipped the script. She redesigned the game for so many of us. I owe her a lot. In point of fact , whether we are aware of it or not, so many of us owe her a lot too.”

Shirley Manson on Madonna

Shirley Manson (Garbage) via Instagram