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“Bedtime Storyboards” : Icon #18

Madonna - Icon / #18 1995

“I know, I have the same problem with mine,” I jokingly replied.

“Oh, really… what else do you wear with them?”

“Sometimes nothing else.”

“Well, I think everyone should walk around naked, then there wouldn’t be as many problems.”

“Yeah, there’d be no problem with that…”

“I meant in your own house!”

“I occasionally walk around my house nude, but sometimes I’d forget that the curtains were open and my neighbors would walk by…”

“I think you want them to see your willy,” Madonna interrupted.

“I don’t think so.”

“No, I think you do… subconsciously.”

I didn’t want to talk about my willy to Madonna, so I changed the subject to her tongue. “I coudln’t believe how long your tongue was in that sunflower scene. I almost fell out of my chair!” (Mark had been filming Madonna when she stuck her tongue way out in jest. He thought it was great and had her do it for the camera.)

“I save it for special occasions,” Madonna said coyly.

“Yeah, I saw you slicking your hair back with it earlier. That was amazing.”

She smiled and said, “You’re a freak.” Then she bragged that she could touch her nose with her tongue, and did so to prove it.

At this point I showed her the drawings I had sketched on the set. She flipped through them and commented that she liked some and didn’t like other. “Why don’t you like those particular drawings?” I inquired.

“Because I’m not in them!”

Her favorite was of herself as Varla [see bellow].

“I wish I was that beautiful,” she said modestly.

“Well, I drew it from you.”

She wanted me to sign the drawing, so I wrote, “To Varla; May your Lagerfelds never buckle… Love, Grant.”

Mark was ready to start filming the lab scene when Madonna said, “Excuse me, I have to get back to my petri dish now.” As she got out of her chair she yelped to her stylist, Orlando, “Oh my God, my top fell down!”

“I saw that,” I teased.

“No you didn’t!” She retorted as she gave my arm a swift charley-horse and walked cooly back onto the set.

It was two months later in February when Rob and Marcia called to say that the Validator had just given them the yet-to-be-released Bedtime Story video. They were beside themselves and said it was definitely one of her finest works, and I just had to see it. I immediately put on some cloths, drew my curtains and ran right over. Besides having a great visit with the D.V.s and their assistant, Louis, we watched the video few times. We were blown away.

The next day, Rob and Marcia had me working the next Castillo del Lago (clave drivers). I had to go to Kinko’s to make some copies of the cartoon, and I remember thinking to myself; “If this guy behind the counter tells me that Madonna is pregnant with David Letterman’s triplets, I just might believe him this time!”

Madonna - Icon / #18 1995

Madonna - Icon / #18 1995

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