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Madonna Interview : Gala

But isn’t it normal for a young woman to test herself?

Yes, of course. I was even worse at that age (laughs). But it is a sad fact, that we live in a crazy and scary world. Every year it seems to get worse. There are so many freaked out people out there. That is why I am often very scared for my kids.

Is your family complete now or could you imagine adopting another child?

No, I have my hands full raising four children. But I still take financial care of the orphans in Malawi, trying to provide them with education. The children in Malawi in some ways feel like mine anyways.

What is the greatest misconception people have about Madonna?

Oh well, there are plenty. One, for sure is that I am not vulnerable. Some people honestly think that I am never neither sad nor depressed, exhausted and that I never suffer from a broken heart. They think of me as bigger than life. Or they believe that I am cold-hearted and calculating. But you know what? I hate this question (pours tequila and hands it over).

Hold on for a second: you said I had to drink for every stupid question.

Well, I extend it with another category: annoying. Cheers. Drink it up!

And where is the salt and the lemon?

We didn´t have enough money for that (laughs)

Your answer to the question about misconception shows that you are also a vulnerable person. “Rebel Heart” shows this part of your personality. Have you grown softer in the last years?

In some ways, yes. But even 25 years ago I already was romantic and sensitive. The other part of me will always be a rebel.

​How do you handle the hostility directed at you?

Sometimes I am very hurt, when I read the hateful and nasty comments people make about me on the Internet. I think it’s shocking how mean and vicious some people could be. Even more, since it’s a very cowardly behavior. Those people would never say the mean things to my face, if they met me in the streets.

Madonna - Gala / February 19 2015

You really read the nasty comments about you?

Every now and then, yes I do.