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Madonna Interview : Gala

Why do you hurt yourself this way?

Because, I am a very curious person. And luckily, there are not mainly nasty comments, but a lot of positive things. For me it’s exiting to see what my fans are thinking. And, concerning the haters: I should have grown a very thick skin by now, since I have always been critisized. Some people think I am an invulnerable superwoman. But I am not. Some offense directed at me really go under my skin and hurt me. After all, I am just a normal woman.

Why do you think you polarize as much as you do?

In many cases it’s enviousness. Many people just can´t bear the fact that I am still there. And I am a woman who pushes peoples buttons, who scandalizes and polarizes. Many people are put off by that. That´s what I don´t understand: Why do people put so much energy in dealing with someone who they think is terrible.

Since 31 years you are a part of the “pop-circus”. Are there moments in which you feel exhausted and wonder if you should carry on?

No, I love my work. I have too many ideals, plans and creativity to stop now.

Are you sometimes sad by seeing how time flies?

Yes, sometimes I really feel sad, but foremost nostalgic. I miss the good old days, in the beginning of my career. I was friends with so many great artists – Warhol, Haring, Basquiat. I experienced the upcoming of the Rock Steady Crew and the Graffity-Scene. New York was so full of life, we all pushed each other. Nothing was censored, everything was new, unique and exsessive. It was a wonderful time. Nowadays many things have become very nice and boring.

But your life remains exiting: In November you will start a new world tour.

To perform live in front of my fans is the greatest thing for me. But on the other hand it is also a huge effort. That´s why I train so much. I need to be super fit to be able to give my best every evening for months.

What do you say to people who think you are too old to participate in the Pop-Business and who think that you generally don´t behave age-appropriate?

I only have one answer to that… (pushes the button which is standing on the table next to her. A squawking voice exclaims: “Two words – one finger”)

“F*ck you” and the middle finger? There it is, Madonna`s rebellious side!

Yes! I am sick of this age-racisms in our society. Should women over 50 just vanish from the public? Is there a law saying that we can’t be adventurous and experimental after that? That we are not allowed to feel sexy and celebrate sexuality after we have turned a certain age?

No, but many people think it is embarrassing to be sexy in a offensive way after a certain age.

That is not my problem. I never followed rules and I love pushing people´s buttons. If you don´t like it; don’t watch, don´t listen.

© Gala / Translation by primaveraballad