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Madonna interview : No1

What was your mother like?

“She was beautiful and very loving and devoted to her character. Very child oriented.”

Are you really the strong person you portray or is it just a cover-up?

“I think some of it is. You know, I think I have as many vulnerabilities as I have strength. But the strength usually overpower the weaknesses. Hopefully.”

A lot of critics say that you’re all glamorous, all phenomenon – but underneath, no talent. Do you feel a bit hard done by in that way?

“I think I’m misunderstood, but that’s OK. I don’t expect everyone to get everything that I’m about. It’s part of the mystery and that way people keep discovering things about me. As for my being talented – that’s obviously not true. I think an image and a good hook gets you in the door, but something has to keep you in the room!”

Are there people, who have helped you along your way, whom you have forgotten?

“I’m sure there are, but there’s too many people in the world for me to be remembering them all the time. The people I do remember are the people worth remembering.”

That makes you sound incredibly cold.

“No, I’m not cold. But it’s true. I mean, you meet a lot of people along the way but that doesn’t mean that you have to call them or send them postcard and Christmas presents and stuff. You’re implying that I’m cold because I say that I can’t remember everyone. I mean, the people who really mean something to me and who are going to enhance and enrich my life as I grow are the people who are still around me. The others are people that I’ve gotten what I could possible get from and I appreciate that. Or, they’re people who I would never have gotten anything of, really. That’s just the way of life.”

Is it all the way you dreamed it would be when you were a little girl?

“No! How could I dream all this? It’s just bigger than anything I could ever imagine. It’s hard work. I guess you have to have a very large ego and a good tolerance for pain. You have to be addicted to work and keep going and going and going.”

When you say pain, what kind of pain do you mean?

“All kinds of pain. When you’re tired and you’re sick and you can’t go on stage but you have to. When you work really hard on something and it doesn’t come out the way you wanted it to. And you’ve put your blood and guts into it for months and months. That’s pain. But you learn from it – so it’s worth it.”

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