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Madonna Interview : Now

You’re often referred to as the queen of reinvention. Do you consciously think about staying relevant?
I just think about how I want to try new things. I want to change, I want to evolve. I find different things to be inspired by.

Madonna - Now / April 30 2012

You didn’t take a break between making WE and recording your album, did you?
[Sounding annoyed] No. I’m a little bit grumpy about that. I’m tired, yes.

Well, you don’t look it. But do you ever think: ‘I want to sit on the sofa and put my feet up for two months’?
I’m thinking that right now!

Is the interview that bad?!
No no no, not because of you! Just going from my movie to my record and the Super Bowl and rehearsing for my tour, I really haven’t had a break. Sometimes I think I’m superwoman and I can do it all. But right about now I’m thinking: ‘Maybe I should’ve taken a few months off.’ But I have four kids, so that factors into all of my decisions. Being on tour in the summertime is better because they can be on the road with me and they don’t miss school. I don’t make decisions on my own any more.

Your daughter Lourdes sings backing vocals on your track Superstar. If she came to you and said: ‘Mum, I want to follow in your footsteps…’
She’d never say that. I don’t think she wants to be me. She wants to be her. She can do many things – she can play piano, she can dance, she can sing – but I don’t think she really knows what she wants to do. I’m not going to push her in any direction. I want her to come to that organically. If she decides she wants to be a singer, great. But I’m sure the last thing she wants to do is follow in my footsteps.

You’re honest about the fact that it can be difficult to balance being a career woman and…
[Interrupts] A working mom.

Yeah – and a hands-on mum at that. How do you prioritise?
[Sighs thinking about it] It’s hard. It’s always a juggling act. Right now I’m working a lot. So often, to the irritation of my manager, I say no to things. I should be out promoting my record a lot more but if I do that then I have no free time with my children. I have to make sacrifices.

Your Super Bowl performance in February was your first for a while. One thing people said was: ‘How did she get into shape so quickly?’ What’s the secret?
So quickly? I mean, I’m always trying to stay in shape. It’s not like I went from a couch potato to a cannonball!

Are you in the gym every day?
Yeah, working out. I have a dance studio at my house, too – and rehearsing for the tour is quite a calorie burner.

It’s a huge summer in the UK when you’re touring…
I know, the Olympics.

And also the Diamond Jubilee. So we’ve got the queen of pop and Queen Elizabeth II marking something pretty remarkable.
It’s the year of the queen!

What do you make of Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge?
I think she’s quite charming and intelligent. Nice. A breath of fresh air.

Along with the Royal family, we’re also very proud of Adele in the UK. Would you like to work with her?
Yeah, well, I would love to. I love her. I would love to meet her. I think she’s brilliant.