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Madonna Interview : Rock Video

Madonna - Rock Video / February 1985

Madonna: No, we had our ways of getting things without paying for them. Steven played for many bands. He’d go around whoring himself off. He’d say, “I’ll play drums only if you let me come in here at night and use ypur eight-track studio.” We’d just con people into letting us use all their equipment. It took a while, it took a lot of nights working from midnight to eight in the morning but eventually we got the demo finished. That’s how I got the record deal.

I hung out for about a month at Danceteria before I got enough courage to tell the DJ, Mark Kamins I had a tape for him to listen to. I didn’t want to sound like another girl with another tape. I knew that once I gained his respect and got him to listen to my pate, he had a number of friends that were A & R people. He was also a former A & R person at island records. I knew that he was very well-connected. I planned the whole thing.

LR: When you got the record contract, were you beside yourself with ecstasy?

Madonna: Of course I was. I had gone from dancing to paris to playing in these shitty-assed clubs.

LR: How long did all this take?

Madonna: Almost four years.

LR: So you don’t see this as an overnight success.

Madonna: Are you kidding? Everyone else thinks it is, but I worked my butt off before I got where I got. I literally starved and lived on the street and ate out of garbage cans before any of this happened.

LR: Didn’t you come from a family that could’ve helped support you?

Madonna: No, not really. I had very big family. I’m the third eldesr and when I came to New York, there were still a lot of kids at home. I always felt too guilty to ask my father for any money. I had turned down a scholarship at the University of Michigan to come and do this so i couldn’t expect much sympathy for starving in New York when I could be living wonderfully in Michigan and going to an Ivy League school and blah blah blah. So I didn’t get moyes from my parent, no.

LR: Was there ever any doubt that you had to get out of Detroit?

Madonna: No. I knew I wanted to come to New York when I was five-years-old. I don’t know why, i just knew it. I could never explain my feelings the first year I lived here. I didnn’t know anyone. When i came to New York, it was the first time I’d ever taken a plane, it was the first time I’d ever gotten in a taxi cab, it was the first time for everything. And I came here not knowing anyone with thirty-five dollars in my pocket. It was the bravest thing I’ve ever done. My goal was to conquer this city and I feel like I have. i can’t belive how frightened I was when I look back at it, but I was.

LR: And when you talk about conquering the city, if you walk down the street and you hear your song on car radios…

Madonna: That’s conquering the city. And really feeling like I own the joint, ya know?

LR: Now what’s next? The world?

Madonna: Yes. Definitely.

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