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Madonna Interview : Smash Hits

Madonna - Smash Hits / September 12 2000

What can we expect from your new album ?

Madonna: Funky, electronic music blended with futuristic folk. Lots of jangly guitars and moody melancholic lines.

You’ve described Music as your love you but f*ck you record, excuse me ?

It means that instead of just being a straightforward love song, it’s a love song that is angst-ridden. It’s like i love you but you are torturing me, and i wish that i didn’t love you because my life would be easier but probably more boring.

How does it feel releasing your new album compared to your first one ?

There is no difference. I’m still just as nervous and anxious about what people will think and how it will be received as i was 17 years ago.

Who’s your favorite boyband member at the moment ?

I don’t have one, I’m not really into that sort of music.

Your boyfriend Guy Ritchie is a film director, and Vinnie Jones is in his new movie Snatch. Have you met Vinnie and was he scarey ?

Yes, i have met him and no he wasn’t scarey – he was very charming actually.

Did you know that Guy had slipped a bit of your old song Lucky Star into Snatch ?

He didn’t tell me until after he’d done it, but when he showed it to me i loved it.

Will Guy be filming the birth ?

Absolutely no way !

Did you enjoy your mud bath recently ?

Yes thank you. It was in a lake called the Mirro of Venus in Sicily, and they say it’s supposed to be really good for you. My skin is still glowing.

Madonna - Smash Hits / September 12 2000

How long did it take to get the mud out of your crevices ?

None of your business !

Ali G stars in your new video with you, whats your favorite Ali expression ?


Do you find yourself using them without even realizing it ?

Boyakasha !

Does Lourdes know any rude words yet ?

Yes unfortunately. Thanks to Ali G she goes around the house singing about Puta….rude things !

Whats your fashion tip for this season ?

You should never ask a pregnant person that question !

OK ! How are you finding life in England ?

Great architecture. Great Museums. Great music. Great schools. Great pubs !

But what do you miss about America ?

As you’d expect i miss all my friends – and also the fast, efficient service you get in America !

Boyakasha !

Respec !

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