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Madonna Interview : The Sun (September 21 2000)

Madonna - The Sun / September 21 2000

Mad about Rocco

Ecstatic Madonna enjoyed her first night out after the birth of her new son Rocco – and admitted: “I can’t wait to get home and cuddle him.”

The superstar singer left her month-old tot at home as she joined British lover Guy Ritchie and 600 celebrity pals at a glittering Los Angeles party to launch her new album Music.

Speaking for the first time about becoming a mom to her second child, Madonna said her “beautiful and healthy ” new arrival had made her feel complete – and that his three-year-old sister Lourdes adored him.

She even sporned a silver necklace spelling out “BABY”.

Madonna. 42, said “It’s great being a mum again. Rocco’s changed my life. We’re a family now – I feel complete.”

“It’s hard to be apart from him for a minutes. This is my first night out since the baby was born. I’ve only been here for 45 minutes, but he’s in part of my brain and it’s throbbing.”


“I keep thinking about him and I think I need a few cocktails before I can enjoy myself and let go.”

Madonna who kissed and hugged 33-year-old movie director Guy throughout the bash at L.A.’s Catch One club, went on:

“I always thought you couldn’t tell whether babies are boys or girls when they’re young.”

“But Rocco’s got blond hair and blue eyes just like his dad. He’s so obviously a boy and he even flexes his arms like Guy.”

“It’s hard not to wish their lives away, but I can’t wait until he’s crawling and talking.”

“Rocco’s up to 8 1/2 pounds now and very healthy. He’s really butch and I can’t wait until we get home.”

“It’s a very odd feeling being out on the town again while he’s at home asleep. I need to cuddle him.”

“Lourdes is great with him, although she’s a bit jealous sometimes.”

“But we’ve let her hold him and she seems to adore him. It’s beautiful to see and it completes me.”

“Lourdes loves her little brother and I know she’ll make a great babysitter one day. She seems very grown up next to him and is so affectionate. She’s always kissing him.”

It’s certainly weird to think that Madonna is a mother of two now.

The star denied reports that Rocco – born premature – was unwell.
She admitted it was a difficult birth after she had to be taken into hospital two weeks early.

But she insisted: “He is absolutely fine and really healthy.”

Madonna who is set to hit No.1 this week with her new CD, also spoke of her love for Guy – who jokingly peeled off his top at the bash.

The singer, who was wearing a T-shirt promoting Guy’s gangster film Snatch, said: “He has changed my life and put things into perspective.”

Madonna - The Sun / September 21 2000


“Yes, I haven’t been out – but we have so many things to celebrate all the time at home. My album, my birthday, Guy’s movie, Rocco – everything’s wonderful, and it has fitted into place perfectly.”

“We decided to wear each other’s T-shirts tonight for a laugh and I think Guy looks fantastic in his.”

“It’s just wonderful to be able to fit into my trousers again, although this shirt is a little tight. It’s like I’m celebrating two releases tonight – Rocco and my album.”

Madonna added: “Guy sometimes gets a bit miserable when he has to change nappies. But I tell him, ‘Ok, it’s your turn and I make him do it.”

“But he’s a proud dad and I’m so happy we all feel part of a real family.” The star looked stunning in her Snatch top – slashed open at the front. She then cheekly pushed up her boobs and declared: “I’m still breast-feeding can’t you tell?”

A host of Hollywood showbiz stars attended the party, including singers Macy Gray and Sheryl Crow, soccer star turned movie villain Vinnie Hones, actor Stephen Dorff and even ex-Big Breakfast presenter Kelly Brook.

Elton John’s boyfriend David Furnish was also there, along with Swingers movie star Vince Vaughn.

Scantily-clad transvestites danced and served food at the bash – held in what is usually a no-go area of LA.


Guy and Madonna arrived at 10:45pm and left after just 90 minutes.

The singer is expected to stay in the U.S. with Rocco until November when she is due to return to London to perform at a low-key gig.

Madonna said her new album was based on her latest experiments. “Some of the songs reflect my melancholic and thoughtful side, while others take the plunge into reckless abandon,” she confessed.

“I didn’t put limits on myself other than to make sure there was plenty of club-oriented, dance friendly material because I enjoy that myself.”

Guy revealed takings for his box-office smash Snatch had been affected by the UK fuel crisis.

He said: “I cannot believe what is going on back home. People aren’t going to the cinema and it’s weird being here hearing what’s happening.

“Me and my missus agreed to wear each other’s T-shirts for a bit of fun tonight. We are so happy and Rocco has changed my life. Words don’t do him justice.”

The Sun presented Madonna and Guy with their own baby-sized Chelsea football shirt with Rocco’s name emblazoned on the back. Guy is a keen fan of the West London team.

Madonna said: “I’m. Sure he will absolutely love this. It is so cute.”

“It might be a bit big for him now, but I’m sure he will grow into it – he is growing bigger every day.”

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