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Madonna Icon Q & A Issue 22

Well, here it is… After months of anticipation and a gazillion entries from the four corners of the globe. You answered our call, you hip chicks and righteous dudes. You quizzed, questioned and queried. And Madonna answered her little heart out. It’s all here along with a ten page funk-a-delic trip down memory lane. And that’s not all, daddy-o… Madonna also autographed a bunch of groovy prizes for some of you far out fans who sent such cool and crafty questions. Gotta love it!

If you are asked to contribute three items that define your work for a time capsule that will be opened 100 years from now, what would they be ? – Donals Inn #9503

1. Like a Prayer Album
2. The movie “Truth or Dare”
3. The movie and soundtrack of Evita

What is the one misconception people have of you that really pisses you off? – William Stanley #22937

Madonna: That I do things just to shock people.

Congratulations on the blessed event, Madonna! What are you going to do after your baby is born ? – Miho Katsumata #22677

Madonna: I’m going to be a great mother!

What is the one thing your mother taught you that you’re sure to instill in your child ? – David Murray #13334

Madonna: Kindness + tolerance.

What’s the first thing you notice about a person ? – Lia Hammid #15182

Madonna: Their eyes!

What is the most unusual person, place, or thing that has inspired you to write a song? – Stephen Decker #18197

Madonna: A stripper in a topless bar inspired me to write “Love Tried to Welcome Me.” I felt sorry for her and made up her interior dialogue.

What question would you love to be asked, but no one has ever asked you? And what question do you hate to answer, but everyone asks you anyway? – Francesco Baroncelli #19086

Madonna: I hate to be asked what I want to be asked.

Who are some of the new Maverick Records artists that we can expect to see ? – Lori Mahia #12312

Summercamp -> (a group)
Neurotic Outsiders (a group)

Who are some of your favorite musical artists? – Wendy Doris #19260

“Everything But The Girl”
Tony Rich
Meshell Ndegeocello

How did you feel when you first heard one of your songs on the radio? – Crystal Armstrong #22759

Madonna: I started to cry when I heard my first song on the radio.

What, without fail, brings a tear to your eye and/or a smile to your face? – Frank Crescioni #8340

Madonna: A child’s laughter.

Will you be singing in Spanish any of the songs on the Evita soundtrack? – Josh Wood #5469

Madonna: Not as of now but perhaps we will record some in Spanish for a single release.

What did you and Princess Diana talk about when you met in London? – Mike Wallace #11380

Madonna: How awful the press is.

If you could associate yourself as being the inspiration for one work of art, what would it be? – Michael Luckby #19656

Madonna: The Sistine chapel or Pachelbel’s Canon in D.

Will you be collaborating with Stephen Bray and Patrick Leonard again? – Cristina Banet #18349

Madonna: Perhaps.

If you had the chance to speak with Eva Peron, what would you say ? – Ivica Kriskovic #14483

Madonna: You go girl!

How long do you think motherhood will delay you going back into the recording studio and out on tour? – Marlon Garcia #8907

Madonna: A few months before I can record and 8 months or more before I tour.

You said on a recent interview on French radio that you were tired of playing stadiums and sport arenas, and that you’d prefer to perform in theatres or opera houses for your next tour. When do you expect to launch your next tour, and wil you perform songs from Evita and Something To Remember? – Frantz Morel #18791

Madonna: I will tour sometimes next year and I will include songs from Evita and Something to Remember.

Can you describe how you feel knowing that you’re going to bring a new life into this world? – Agustin Giardini #18009

Madonna: Excited and scared.

What strange food cravings are you experiencing with your pregnancy? – Tricia Marby #11678

Madonna: Poached eggs.

What kind of effect do you think motherhood will have on your music? – Sebastian Fernandez #19385

Madonna: A huge one.

What’s up with Pepito, Rosita, and Chiquita these days? – Eddie Sanchez #13542

Madonna: They are enjoying freedom and sunshine in California.

Which one of your songs would you like to destroy forever? _ Allesio Leoni #5654

Madonna: Material Girl.

If you had the opportunity to diret a feature film right now, what type of movie would it be? – Brent Irish #22638

Madonna: A movie that was brutally honest but inspiring and uplifting.

Who will you be voting for in the upcoming U.S. presidential election? – Carl grove #11459

Madonna: Clinton.

With so many to choose from, what would you say is the single most ironic or ridiculous rumor you have ever heard about yourself. – Karsten Rohl #21088

Madonna: That I’m not a happy person.

Of all your various projects over the years, which was the most fun for you? – Marta Zuladek #22603

Madonna: My Sex book.

What is the most romantic thing anyone has ever done for you? – Anita Patel #19196

Madonna: Understood me.

I’ve heard that you’re an insomniac. How do you get a decent nights sleep? – Michele Anderson #5456

Madonna: Get a massage, stop worrying.

What is your favorite flower? -Zheng Wang #22264

Madonna: Gardenias.

What names have you been tossing about for your new boy or girl… or both? – Amber Wilson #19667

Madonna: That’s a secret.

You mentioned on Z100 radio that you were working on an new book of just writings. What’s it about? – Cora Dresdon @21057

Madonna: It’s a journal I’ve been keeping on the making of Evita.

Hearing you sing Veras in perfect Spanish was a really nice surprise! Would you ever consider releasing an all-Spanish album? – Javi Sanchez Margaix #21451

Madonna: Absolutely.

That was an amazing one-shot video you did with Jean Baptiste Mondino for Love Don’t Live Here Anymore. How many takes did you do to get it just right, and where was that location? – Karen Novato #11180

Madonna: We did 6 takes and we filmed it in Argentina.

What are your feelings on Madonna Wayne Gacy of the group, Marylin Manson? And is it true you tried to sign them on Maverick? – Zepp Savini #16691

Madonna: My feeling is that they are a talented group and I’m amused by the name. We were once interested in signing them to Maverick.

What is your favorite part of ICON? – Henry Sverrisson #15433

Madonna: The fan letters defending me.

What would you ask yourself if our were anICON member participating in this Q & A? – Patricia Nunes #13875

Madonna: That is your job!

There is a line in This Used To Be My Playground where you sing: “I can see your face, in our secret place, you’re not just a memory.” Who is a mysterious person that you see? – Patrick Chabot #18217

Madonna: The mysterious person that I see is me as a child.

The impact that you’ve had on our culture is being studied at universities. How do you feel knowing you’re an actual subject of higher learning? – Gloria T. Salvi #22587

Madonna: I’m amused that my work is being intellectualized but it’s all a big mistake. One must feel things with their heart not their head.

Out of all the movies you’ve appeared in, all of the music you’ve recorded, all of the tours you’ve been on, everything you’ve done in you’re career, what has been the most challenging and/or rewarding ? – Ben Greenslade #18785

Madonna: Evita – the movie and soundtrack.

Did you write any of the music or lyrics for the Evita? – Kay Lotito #13409

Madonna: No – we were not allowed to. Only Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice could write.

What similarities have you noticed between your own life and Eva Peron? – Andrea Wernham #22187

Madonna: We are both misunderstood.

If you were ever asked to do Evita on Broadway, would you consider it? – Mark DeVito #8359

Madonna: No way.

If you could have any object of art in the world, what would it be? – Scott Lewis Howard #5644

Madonna: An Edward Hopper painting or a painting by Matisse.

Have you read Dennis Rodman’s new book? If so, any comments? – Pam Eckert #11333

Madonna: No comment. I don’t read trash.

You meet a lot of people and everyone probably wants to be your friend. How do you know who you can really trust as a true and honest friend? – Silvia DiGallo #18333

Madonna: It’s something you know through the eyes and over time. You listed carefully and go with your instincts.

How did you first meet Alanis Morissette, and which of her songs from Jagged Little Pill is your favorite? – Jonas Borgert #19922

Madonna: I met her in my office 2 years ago and my favorite song is “Hand in Pocket”.

What fictional literary character do you most admire and/or emulate, and why? – Joe Mata Jr. #20047

Madonna: The Little prince, because he is so honest.

If you were invisible for a week, what would you do? – JoAnne Thornton #18496

Madonna: Go for walks everyday – go shopping, museums etc. and just people watch without being looked at.

What is your all-time favorite song by another artist? – Saqib Nabi #22322

“Oh my man I love him so” – Billie Holiday

What features from Carlson and from yourself do you want your baby to inherit? – Rhandy Bala #8037

Madonna: My eyes, his skin.

I know you will be a wonderful mother. How will having a child affect your career? – Jodi Lindberg #21622

Madonna: My child will come first always – and my career second.

Will your brother Christopher help design the nurseries in your three homes? – Constance Parks #12998

Madonna: I’m doing those myself.

You have a great sense of humor. How important do you think laughter is to ones well-being? – Gia Roland #12014

Madonna: The most important!

What kind of computer do you use? Mac, PC, or other? – Janet Sutton #11097

Madonna: Mac laptop.

Do you surf the internet? And how do you like your Warner Bros. Records Web page? 0- Carey Matte #12900

Madonna: Sometimes. It could be a lot better.

What are your all-time favorite top five movies, CDs and books? – Reed Drake #17945

Movies – Paper Moon, Accatone, The Night Porter, To Kill a Mockingbird, Hiroshima Mon Amour
CDs: The Moderns soundtrack, Master Sessions – Cachao, Josephine Baker, Cesaria Evora, Last Temptation of Christ soundtrack
Books: Love in the Time of Cholera – Marquez, The Little Prince – St. Exupery, Catcher in the Rye – J. D. Salinger, Before Night Falls – Reinaldo Arenas, The Passion – Jeanette Winterson

Being raised as Roman Catholic, who is your favorite Saint and why? – Carl Manwhinney #22468

Madonna: My favorite Saint is St. Jude – the Patron Saint of Lost causes because I often pray to him.

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