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Madonna Twitter Chat / April 04 2012

Madonna: Sorry for being late – just got back from rehearsals. I’m ready now.

M: @LionelRichie congrats on a successful record. To the other ritchie in my life….

Britney Spears @britneyspears: Love the new album – every single song is incredible. Congrats girl!

M: Please come on stage and kiss me again. I miss you!!

nicker @notorslytrolled: Are you there yet madonna?

M: On my knees. Ready and waiting.

Henrique Merlin @henriquemerlin: Who’s designing the costumes for the MDNA tour?

M: Arianne – as usual. @ariannephillips

Jakub Harzowski @Polakkid3: Did u contact Tarantino???

M: He’s shooting a movie til June. That’s no excuse. I’m still waiting for his call. Every little thing, everything little thing…

@hoetbh: How’s your broken pinky doing?

M: Still broken. No longer purple.

Michele @MLVC90Michele: Did you ever consider singing Masterpiece in Spanish? I love song so much… Can’t wait to see you in four states this year!

M: No, but it’s a good idea. I think it would sound good in Spanish. How do you say Masterpiece in Spanish?

PEPPER PEEPS @PEPPERPEEPS: Favorite Easter candy? Peeps?

M: Cadbury Creme Eggs. Don’t get me started they are so good.

Katy Perry @katyperry: Which evolution of you in your career has been your favorite/most fulfilling, besides the present?

M: Ray of Light. That was a good moment. I wanna see you in the front row somewhere this year. Okay?

Anderson Cooper @andersoncooper: Congratulations Madonna!! RT @guyoseary: ‘MDNA’ gives Madonna biggest album debut of 2012

M: Aww, thanks Anderson. Do u miss me? Do u want me to come back and visit you in a leather dress? What suit are you wearing?

James J. Scott @JimmieJScott: Would you ever consider hosting Saturday Night Live?

M: FOR SURE. I’m gagging to do it. I’m obessed with Kristen Wiig and @AndySamberg. I want to do a skit with Kristen and Lola.

Madonna Japan @MadonnaJapan: What do you think of these Madonna kids chosen by @KentoMori1 danced to GMAYL?

Madonna Chat

M: Soooooooooooo cute!! Can they come on tour with me? I need extra cheerleaders! Make it happen !

Alisha Berthelot @hotepants: How was your day?

M: Not bad. I walked all the way across the slackline today in my bare feet. Yessss.

Lewis Murphy @Lewisemurphy: How were rehearsals today?? Any new injuries??

M: Yep – I cut my shin. First section of the show is a little bit violent.

Bradley Traynor @bradleytraynor: So what kind of flowers do you like?

M: Calla lillies. gardenias. tuberose.

Madonna Japan @MadonnaJapan: What do you think of these Madonna kids chosen by @KentoMori1 danced to GMAYL?

M: I want to see the video!

M: I love this page – thank you so much. I feel the love.

M: This is very cool – just love it.

Lionel Richie @LionelRichie: What’s going on family? Can you believe we are sitting on the top of the charts together again?

M: Every dog has it’s day. Remember when we were neighbors?

M: VeronicaElectronica sends you her love and gratitude for all the kind words @tiesto @petetong @djtommytrash MTV

Cande @MadgeQueen: What do you want for your B-day?

M: World peace – how bout that??

M: Thanks for the support, its amazing, surreal, I’m in heaven. A million thank you’s.

Laura Lillicotch @LauraLillicotch: Will your four children be with you while you are on tour?

M: I won’t go on tour without them.

Alex Hollywood @alexhollywood1: Do you miss Maverick Records?

M: I miss my office.

Kelly Ripa @KellyRipa: Danced down the mountain to it in Banff. Love it!!! RT @giolockedloaded: @KellyRipa what do u think of #MDNA

M: Awww – I want to go skiing with Kelly Ripa! How dare she do it without me??

Jonys Lowe @jonyslowe: What do you think about my cats obesession with you?

Madonna Chat

M: Faster pussycat kill kill

Lionel Richie @LionelRichie: There is no one I would rather be on top with. Congratulations!! I am so happy for you.

M: OK, but as long as I’m on top.

M: Just a took a trip down memory lane with this video. I’m exhausted. LOVE IT.

Rashell @Rashellyy: Heard u got surprised today, did u really not know the album was #1??

M: I swear I didnt know. I walked into rehearsal with 100 balloons and was confused. The thrill of being #1 never goes away.

Jack Ryan @flipside242: Any twitpic for tonight? We want to see you!

M: I have one from today from my celebration. Hold on getting it on here.

M: Celebrating #MDNA #1 with my crew today.

Madonna Chat

Harry MDNA Telford @Recylopse: If time travel was possible, where would you go?

M: So many places….when Martin Luther King Jr did his peace march in Washington. Wish I could have been there. Hard to name in 140

Luciano Lima @djlucianolima: Do you prefer Truth or Dare?

M: Truth. Being truthful is daring.

Johann Delebarre @johanndelebarre: Hi M – Congrats on MDNA!! Any message for your Iconers?

M: ICONERS! Thanks for always having my back. I love you and I cannot wait to see you on tour!!

Henry @Hi_Im_HENRY: Madonna………….why are you so late??????

M: Rehearsal went late. Working my ass off baby. Will you forgive me?

M: I’m a happy girl.

cristian palacios @cristianpalacio: If i sold my body to pay MDNA tickets its ok or im a sinner? I like the way !

M: Your video is so funny. No need to sell your body. That video earned you pit tickets. Find Guy Oseary


Madonna Chat

M: Aww, she’s adorable. Good taste in music.

pyroxenes @pyroxenes: @Rashellyy Will we ever get the chance to see a video of that?

M: Yes. just put it up.

Natalie Mekelberg @88natalie88: If you could be invisible for a day what would you do?

M: I would follow Quentin Tarantino around for a day and see if he is really too busy to direct Gang Bang.

Amanda Jordao @AmandaJordao87: Best Superbowl moment?

M: singing Like a Prayer and seeing the stadium lit up.

Lionel Richie @LionelRichie: I wouldn’t have it any other way!!

M: Smart man.

M: @LoveSpent12 Tell them your addicted to MDNA – the truth will set you free

Nicole K @NicoleK81426053: Hoping I am one of the chosen few Your music inspires me & I admire you. MDNA is amazing How do you relax?

M: I told you already! Massage with a happy ending.

Romel Gewarges @_DANCEINFERNO: Give a shot out to all your fans in Michigan? Detroit!!!!

M: Nobody messes with a girl from Detroit. Come to my show… Lets kick ass together.

Material Girl @MaterialGirlCol: Did you know #MADONNA’s #MDNA was the biggest album debut of 2012??!!!

M: We are living in a material world. And I love my material girls!!

Philip Tetro @PhilipTetro: Madonna’s biggest fan in Toronto. He deserves pit tickets for his journey to you!

M: That was really touching. Next time I will blow you a kiss. See you in the pit baby.

Perez Hilton @PerezHilton: I’m late to the party. Just got out of therapy! I have a question! Can you perform #RescueMe on the new tour? Ha! Request!

M: Interesting question – what do you like about that song? Do you need to be rescued?

Ditah Ciccone @MadonnasSecret: Will we get more pics from tour preparation?
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M: Coming soon I promise, I will send one this week. Remind me okay?

Travis Adkins @cvilletravis: What did you have for dinner?

M: Halibut. and green beans. and chocolate mousse pie for dessert.

Andressa @Andressa_say: Are u tired today ? luv ya!

M: Yes I am tired. I luv ya back.

Picho Del Rey @PICHO_AS_ICE: Are you gonna wear this Chanel Gun-shoes on your transgression segment ? LUV THEM! JUST WANT A PAIR!

Madonna Chat

M: They don’t offer enough ankle support for my show. but they are one of my favorite pairs of shoes.

Ash Ernesto @AshErnesto: Can you tell me a secret?

M: I sleep with a humidifier and a fan on every night.

Perez Hilton @PerezHilton: And P.S. You have already rescued me and inspired me! A constant source of both in my life! #Truth :-)

M: That’s a great compliment, for someone to say you inspire them is what makes it all worth while.

Lainey Mulligan @lainey21nd: How does it feel to inspire multiple generations? I’m just 21 and have your name tattooed

Madonna Chat

M: Ouch! you’re brave.

M: @avicii I had so much fun with you at Ultra. Looking forward to having our remix out soon.

M: @msolveig Are you smiling professor Polanski?

M: @Skrillex I worship you. Why won’t you open up for one of my shows?

M: @WilliamOrbit mazel tov billy bubbles!

Perez Hilton @PerezHilton: P.P.S. Can this pretty pretty please not be the last time you’re on Twitter???? I would do the “ugly cry” if this is it!

M: I would not be on twitter just to hear your ugly cry.

M: Where’s your funny cousin Alle? Have you learned to speak English yet? Mille grazie

Stapes @Sarinna: Spring, summer, fall or winter?

M: Spring.

Rosemarie Meneo @lamb83: What was the last movie you saw?

M: Bonnie & Clyde. Checking out the revolvers and Faye Dunaway’s badass wardrobe.

Zuzanna @PopArtOnly: Why is @guyoseary so amazing manager?

M: I know @guyoseary paid you to write that.

Perez Hilton @PerezHilton: Almost the whole Twitterverse is about to ugly cry if this is your last “day” here! Stay and check in every so often!!! :-)

M: I want to live in Twitterverse with you. Let’s be Girls Gone Wild together.

Joey Gant @mrstylist30: What’s the best moment you’ve had today?

M: Finding out I was #1.

Jennifer K. @jenknyc: Rehearsals in NYC? The weather was gorgeous today, wasn’t it?!

M: The best. Oh the sun.

Jessica Seinfeld @JessSeinfeld: If you could name your next horse, what would you call it? Congratulations ????????????????

M: Oh girl. I cant name my horse til I see it! You know that. I miss you.

Victoria Bell @Cherish2V: Hi Madonna! I’m your biggest fan of course!! Who are you a big fan of?

M: I’m a big fan of my fans.

Rafael Cardoso @rafaelbcardoso: Hey Madonna do you like my MDNA license plates? You’re the best!

Madonna Chat

M: That’s awesome! Wow. Good to know I have a fan in Nebraska.

David Swift n @_Daaviiid: Do you watch any TV show?

M: Saturday Night Live with my daughter.

MTV @MTV: Love you, queen.

M: Thank you. We started together.

Shan Jukenami @Jukenami: How amazing is this?

Madonna Chat

M: Now drive bitch!

Agus @agulovesM: Are you aware of all the happy girls & boys you are making right now all over the globe? insane!

M: I am now! Are you aware of how happy I am that you’re happy?

Rodrigo @Rodrigo_Tiko: If I sell my body you would answer me? What I need to do?

M: I’m answering you. Don’t sell your body.

M: @stefanogabbana thanks for all the gorgeous corsets!! You’re the best.

Debi Mazar @debimazar: No.. I have her phone #!But I love watching the madness!RT @michaelsette7 @debimazar have u said hi to @MadonnaMDNAday yet? She’s online now.

M: @debimazar Hey Deb, come back to Brooklyn, New York misses you.

Lionel Richie @LionelRichie: I was the tour guide for the street. The neighborhood was never the same after you left.

M: @LionelRichie Bless you. You still live in that shithole?

Britney Spears @britneyspears: Tempting…

M: Are you gonna make me work for this?

Alma Leiva @ALMALPMO: I’ve been an ICONER since 1991… Can you please tell me you LOVE ME…?

M: I love you!! So there.

Kristtina Ferraz @lirraz: You like Brazil?

M: I’m obsessed with Brazil. Cant wait to bring my MDNA tour down there.

M!tCh @MitchWilson_: What was the first record you bought??

M: David Bowie – Aladdin Sane.

Billy Musson @Bmussonz: If you could be a man for a day, what would you do and why?

M: I’d stand up to pee.

Andrew T @AndrewT1111: Are you excited to come to Australia?! We can’t wait to see you!

M: Just don’t make me play the didgeridoo. That I can’t do.

Philip Stewart @PhilipStewartDC: Banjo in Love Spent = Brilliant. Where’d idea come from??

M: That was @WilliamOrbit ‘s idea.

JamesTroia @WTFJamesTroia: What are you doing after this?

M: Going to bed. in 10 minutes actually.

Anna Paris @parisanna: When you come to brazil can we party rock???

M: Hells yeah.

Anna Paris @parisanna: When you come to brazil can we party rock???

M: I’ll be wearing my party rock pants.

Alan Blanco @Alan_Blanco: Where are you right now?

M: I’m laying on the floor in my family room.

Wendell H. Pelissari @wendellhp: What are you going to do tomorrow?

M: Rehearse.

Mer Richelme @MerRichelme: Did you wear any costume last Halloween?

M: Yes, last Halloween I was Minnie Mouse.

Jesse Jacobs @heyjessej: Can I get a real picture with you instead of posing with #truthordare ads and album covers? haha

Madonna Chat


Madonna Chat

Jennifer McGrath @madame_jen: What’s the next big goal on your list?

M: Enjoying myself on tour.

Celeste Grabauskas @PisceanLove1: Will sit here and tweet over and over over and over I love you my Queen, and if you answer this I love you more

M: I love you too!

Rica Ciccone @ricaciccone: So u have 10 minutes to save my horrible day

M: You are loved.

Billboard @billboard: Congrats on another no 1! How did you feel the first time you hit No 1?

M: The same way that I feel now. Elated, grateful, like all my Christmases have come at once.

Bianca @Perfume_Girl: DRIVE BITCH! would you call yourself a good driver?

M: I’m an excellent driver! I’ve never gotten a ticket. Except for having tinted windows too dark.

Madonna Power Brazil @MadonnaPowerBR: You met David Bowie?

M: Yes I have. It was a great thrill.

oneicon @oneicon: What part of rehearsals are you doing now? music? dancers? stage?


paoli?a @paoliena: What’s the one gadget a Queen like you can’t live without?

M: an espresso machine.

M: #Obama2012 are you coming to my show in Washington D.C.? Make a girl from Detroit happy.

M: Goodnight everyone. I’m floating up to my bed now. See you in my dreams.