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Madonna Twitter Chat / March 26 2012

Madonna: firstly I was just told the album is #1 on 40 countries….thank you for all your support, I feel blessed.

Ryan Seacrest: Since @TimTebow is moving to NY now, will you show him around?

M: I’d love to show @TimTebow around town… We have so much in common. He’s “like a virgin” and so am I ;)

Chris @christina_alexa: Hi Madonna. How many hours of rehearsal do you do for your tour? Btw you are truly an icon. God Bless

M: I rehearse all day and all night, every day, never get a day off.

tieranie o’shay @teaoshay: Do you like your toast buttered or plain?

M: Buttered of couse. Dry toast yuck

Debbie:) @FilthyPopSwagg: Latin America loves you! How do u feel about the Latin American community’s adoration towards you? :) <3<3<3

M: Can’t live without it

Ellen DeGeneres @TheEllenShow: I don’t know how you keep doing it, but you keep doing it! This album is amazing!

M: I have strong role models like you to look up to. :)

Tim Bogan @Tim_ModenusUK: Who made the wonderful throne you were carried in on for your Super ball show?

M: Jimmie Martin, furniture designer that I love

Sian Louise @Sian_MDNA: Do you believe in ghosts? If so, have you ever seen one?

M: I believe in other worldly spirits and energy

DEAN @DROWNED062001: Whose idea was to include the banjo on MDNA?

M: That was William Orbit’s

Sherm Denton @chrissherm2: Every question sounds the same you gotta step into my world! Favorite cereal from childhood?

M: Captain crunch. Peanut butter flavor

Mark Page @MarkP67: Do you think you will release a fragerance the men can use??

M: Absolutely.

Ross Farley @rossgstarfarley: Hav u got a name for this new tour?

M: Yes – it’s the MDNA tour

Andrea Stephanie @StephDrea: Dear M, how are you today?

M: I’m actually quite good. I slept well last night. Excited about my record.

Perez Hilton @PerezHilton: Dear Madonna, would you pretty please join Twitter permanently??? Not just for one day!!! Puhhhlease! *begging here*

M: but then you’ll get used to me and take me for granted.

Brian Bailone @BrianBailone: Do you miss being on the road when your not on tour?

M: I miss the connection with the audience. Miss the thrill.

Michael Vincent @VincentDynamo: What was the most difficult album for you to make?

M: This one. I was making it while I was editing a film.

Thiago Farias @ThiagoOtrop: Have you ever thought about writing an autobiography?

M: Absolutely. I have so much to say. But not right now.

If U Seek Amy @juancicc0ne: What is your guilty pleasure?

M: French fries and krug rose champagne.

Lola Leon @FlawlessM: Favorite place you’ve ever travelled to?

M: Gstaad. I loved it.

NoMr.Ego! @NotBipolar1: Do you like drink coffee?

M: Yes nonstop

Eamon McGowa @eamonj13: What did you like about Jimmy Fallon?

M: The way he moves his hips.

Gabriel Moro @GabrielMoro: What do you think the world needs the most now?

M: Tolerance, compassion.

Cory H. @hellocory: What songs are currently on your iPod?

M: DJ playlists that I work out to.

Darren Hutchinson @mrdhutchinson: Will we see more of you wearing those fierce heelless heels like you did in Miami on tour?

M: Yes

Moises MDNA @Moises_Aguirre: Who got the idea to include an acoustic version of Love Spent? Are more acoustic versions coming?

M: Most likely more coming.

Lucas Almeida @Almeidonna: Where are u now and what ur wearing?

M: In my living room. t-shirt that says “bitch club” on it.

Denise Korey @roomtwentytwo: What’s your favorite nyc neighborhood?

M: Brooklyn. Williamsburg.

M I R S A D @StarStunning: What language have you been dying to learn the most?

M: Hebrew.

Mark B @JadedParadox: You once said that Live To Tell was your favorite song that you wrote. Is that still true?

M: Now I have new favorites…

DVE @Davido_Official: How are you coping with all the insane amount of questions being hurled at you?! :)

M: I’m wallowing in the attention.

Ante Von Calderone @antevon: So you sing in shower?

M: Absolutely. Vocal warmups mandatory.

Eric Diaz @DimePieceDiaz: What do you think about Justin Bieber ?

M: He’s awesome. I’m a huge fan. I love it when he raps.

Runaway Lover @runaway_lover: When you wake up in the morning, what’s the first thing that comes to your mind?

M: Where are my kids?

jimmy fallon @jimmyfallon: Did you know they spelled your name wrong on the cover? (Some letters are missing.) Hope you didn’t print too many copies!

M: I fired the guy who did it, but it fits better on a t-shirt so we’re rolling with it…

Franco Poltronieri @francotrotta: Who’s your favorite electronic music producer right now?

M: I’m listening to alot of Skrillex right now. He’s one of my favorites.

Marvelous @marveloushooker: Have you had dinner yet?

M: Eating now.

Rylan Rutnik @RunRylanRun: Will there be a tour documentary?

M: Maybe.

Jake Lubbehusen @Jakel126: What’s it like to have a number one album almost everywhere?

M: I’m walking on clouds.

Rachelle @RachelleMDNA: Have u got nay more injuries from rehearsals?

M: Yes. I have a broken finger. I broke it the other day. My pinky just at the top.

Savanna @savannaloud: Are you a morning person or a night person??

M: I’m a night person.

benjamin> @Johnehh: Do you ever have a nice cold beer every now and then?

M: Not recently. I drank more beer when I lived in London.

Huber Lopez @HeyBun: Hey Madge, can I get a free bottle of Truth or Dare?… I’m broke!

M: Sure come on over.

Huber Lopez @HeyBun: Hey Madge, can I get a free bottle of Truth or Dare?… im BROKE!

M: I’m at a place called Macys.

Joe Cannon Artz @justJoeArtz: What was 1st song you selected for MDNA? What was the last song added? LUV U!

M: First song… Give Me All your Luvin’ or Girl Gone Wild. The last was Gang Bang.

Bradley Kidner @bradleykidner: What do you like to do in the little amount of free time you get?

M: Watch movies.

Bradley Kidner @bradleykidner: What do you like to do in the little amount of free time you get?

M: Preferably black and white Italian or French films.

Pete Zias @PeteZias: Have u gone to the Keith Haring exhibit @ Brooklyn Museum?

M: No but I am dying to. I want to see that and the Cindy Sherman exhibit at the Moma.

Perez Hilton @PerezHilton: How did you break your pinky????

M: Fighting Off a sniper in Gang Bang.

Jake Lubbehusen @Jakel126: Do you love your fans?

M: More than anything in the world except my children.

Spencer Winson @pency23: What was the hardest song to write on MDNA?

M: the hardest song… I’m Addicted.

Roger Zanca @RogerZanca: What is your favorite painter? =))

M: Francis Bacon.

Doug @D2OUG: You still like hot tamales candy?

M: Too many fillings now.

Doug @D2OUG: you still like hot tamales candy?

M: An intervention was done, all my hot tamales were taken away from me.

Turo Hilton @turohilton: Where have u been all my life? I Love your new album MDNA.

M: Working my arse off. Thank you!

Greg Smeltzer @GregSmeltzer: Madonna, can I please get a happy birthday!? Today is my brithday Oh yeah like in bday song! ;-)

M: Happy Birthday baby.

Can Köymen @cankommen: Is it hard to chose a question to answer right now? =)

M: well….yeah

Mike Wojcik @MikeWoj95: When was the last time you played Truth or Dare? ;)

M: I haven’t played it for years. Too dangerous.

CHUYYYM?NSTER @chuyyymonster: What’s one thing on your bucket list you haven’t done but are dying to do?

M: Learning how to snowboard.

Hudson Naves @_killerking: What u think about Katy Perry ?

M: She’s hot. If she was my girl I’d never cheat on her.

Jaime @xojjbabaxo: Do you text a lot?

M: That’s all i do. Can’t stop.

Justin Bieber @justinbieber: Seeing that is a huge honor. Yours is a career artists dream of. Congrats on the new album!

M: Come and join me on stage when I’m on tour when we are in the same city and congrats on your new single.

Vynse Stakado @Vynse: What is the true meaning of happiness?

M: 8 hours of sleep.

Cynthia Rundles @SimplyCyndi: What do you do to relax after a performance???

M: I get a massage (with a happy ending)

Madonna Infinity @MADONNAINFINITY: Will you shoot your new tour in 3D? Would be awesome.

M: That could be interesting… Maybe. My manager is wincing right now as I write that.

Eamon McGowa @eamonj13: Do you still love lemon drops?

M: Yes I do. But I won’t be having a drink until tour.

Shaneth Varosa @shanethvarosa: What made you do the twitter Q&A? Unexpected, very appreciated.

M: Direct connection to my fans. No middle man.

Jesse Jacobs @heyjessej: How was it being surrounded by all those hot male models on the Girl Gone Wild video?

M: So much fun.

Marquel Aragon @Marquel23: What is the best advice you have ever recieved?

M: Breathe.

Juliano Maciel @julianomaciel: What can we expect from the new tour?

M: Excitement. Adventure. Thrills.

Nilo Ciccone @nilociccone: My birthday is August 17, we have a party together????

M: Will you pay for it?

Etymolology e†y @etyjandro: Are you gonna loan any of those hot guys out to us?

M: Which body part do you want? And which one is your favorite?

NiKi @Phoebe1_: Why are you tweeting with your glasses on? :P

M: Cause I’m cool. All this new found fame is freaking me out.

Phillipe Castro @Phillipecastro: Do you believe in law of attraction??

M: Are you attracted to me?

paoli?a @paoliena: The one thing you would never do?

M: use drugs.

Sergio Calvillo @SergCalvil: Where would you want to travel to that you haven’t been to yet?

M: I want to go to Peru.

Deborah illanes @DebbyDesignM: Cupcakes or Brownies?? (I love brownies :) )

M: Neither. Lemon tart.

Maurizio @AlwaysMaurizio: Hey Madonna, can I be your next boyfriend?? I’m 20 and I love private jets :)

M: Send me a picture!

Rijo @richardisfamous: When do you feel “free”?

M: When im riding my horse.

Jimie! @AGayGoneWild: Have you ever worn a Snuggie?

M: No, but Lola has.

Grant @GrantJacobsun: How was it working with Kazaky?

M: Great. They didn’t speak English so we relied on body language.

marisol @xoxomdc: Was it fun working with Kelly Osbourne and Taylor Momsen in Material Girl?

M: Yes, they are both lovely girls.

Matt @mcoop: How is @NICKIMINAJ as a kisser?

M: Soft lips sink ships.

Saw @SawStackhouse: Madonna, let’s party here in Brazil. You wanna? ;)

M: I intend to. You can’t go to Brazil without partying.

iPsycho @jetison: Why don’t you ask something to us?

M: Who said their prayers this morning?

Ryan Ballentos @roccoryan: Will you do slacklining on the tour as well?! That’s pretty dangerous, don’t hurt yourself! ;p

M: I’m learning right now as we speak. I practice everyday.

Rodney @helloradisco: How are you celebrating MDNA going #1?

M: I’m eating lemon tart and tweeting with my fans.

Luciano Lima @djlucianolima: “Everybody” turns 30 this year. Any chance of hearing it on the next tour?

M: Not telling.

Mau Nedkov @mebemau: Are you a good kisser? ;)

M: Most definitely.

Bloody Mary @mariehelenexoxo: Can you speak french ? <3

M: Bien sur.

Leo A @LeooAyala: I might be addicted to MDNA… Can you help me? :)

M: Listen to Dr. Drew.

Leo A @LeooAyala: I might be addicted to MDNA… Can you help me? :)

M: He’s got all the answers.

Flávio Augusto @flavio_fly: Do you like being online?

M: The hair is standing up on my arms.

Ricardo Martinez @RicardoM3000: Are you a good drawer?

M: No.

deadmau5 @deadmau5: You’re a role model to 100’s of millions. You have a powerful voice, EDM could use your positive influence, not “molly” talk.

M: lovemau5

Madonna Chat Molly

Rebellion @ImRebellion: When do you go wild?

M: When I finish a project.

Urban Cowgirl @urbancowgirl: Are you addicted to twitter yet? :)

M: I could be. But no one is sending me any pictures. Where are the pictures of the dudes?

@Madonnambition @Madonnambition: Is your love a revolver?

M: My sex is a killer.

WantDDUBLovin @WantDDUBLovin: This is going to be a BIG grinding tour. Are you ready? WE ARE VERY READY! :) :)

M: Yes!!

Hailee Blalock @HailsssYeah: Can I dance on stage with you? :)

M: Send me a picture!

Jimmy • Biggż @_Jimmy_BIGGZ: Can I have your Chanel gloves you have on?

M: After I am done sweating in them and ripping them to shreds.

Crissy @cuethemoon: If you could control time with one feature, would you choose to pause or rewind?

M: Pause to take a couple breaths, then go forward. never go back.

Jeremy Bryan @JBryan9999: Have you tried learning instruments besides guitar?

M: Well I can play the drums. and I tried playing violin.

Amanda @Jezebel816: What does one have to do to get you to say hello?!

M: Come in the door.

deadmau5 @deadmau5: Fair enough, I was just voicing my concerns as I usually do. +1 respect for clearing it up personally.

M: Communication is always best. You should have called me first, we could have cleared it up “privately.” ;) See you on the road.

Edward | Madonna @materialedward: If you could have any superpower what would u choose?

M: Control time, more time to rehearse, to sleep, time to see my kids, time to tweet with my fans.

Maverick Fountain @MaverickPHD: How long are you tweeting? I have to work in the morning!

M: Not telling. Hang tough baby.

M: Someone please tell Quentin Tarantino I want him to direct a video for “Gang Bang”.

Marce @Insane4M: Would you ever go vegan ?

M: No, I love I need I want animal protein.

elia khalaf @elia_Khalaf: I’ve been up for an hour waiting for an answer. Time goes by so slowly! Please?

M: for those who wait….

Nathan C @hiddenfiction: Will you wish Quentin a “Happy Birthday” tomorrow with the “BDay Song”?

M: Oh Yeah, today is my birthday. For his birthday he can shoot my next video.

Sarina @Sarinna: Could you tell me a joke?

M: I’m not a good joke teller. Can never remember the punchline.

Nick Poulson @nicksamazing: What is your favorite type of flowers?

M: Hydrangeas, silly.

Capital K-I-M @KuntyPerry: How do you feel about bullying and what do you think about Gaga’s work with the Born This Way Foundation ?

M: I applaud @ladygaga support of the gay community and her commitment to stop bullying.

Eric Pedroso @ericdoitbetter: What are your favorite movie by Quentin Tarantino?

M: Kill Bill 1

Rafael Cardoso @rafaelbcardoso: Madonna can we get a shout out for Nebraska? We love you here.

M: Woah – where is that? Kidding ;)

Michael Rocca @mikerochano1: What does a man got to have to win your heart?

M: Make me laugh.

Robert Venegas @xavier69: Here’s my blog I run on you! What do you think any advice?

M: Thank you for the support!

Tim Fitz @tim__fitzgerald: What’s the difference between a pop star and a terrorist?

M: That’s a good one! From my documentary.

Ryan Christopher @danslegroove: Could you tweet me so I can be the cool kid on my block?

M: You are amazing. Let’s be bffs.

James @handlin_bidness: What’s your favorite Britney Spears song?

M: …Baby One More Time

Jimmy Swan @jimmy72: What is it that you can not control?

M: My attention to detail and my obbessively compulsive need to know everything that is going on around me.

JFK @MCiccone_: Do you believe in luck/horoscope and those things?

M: I believe in luck, but I don’t believe in coincidence. And I believe in astrology.

AYHAM @ayhamonline: Madonna’s chair designed by me! what do you think?

M: I want one! I love it!

John Gavin Harp @SirJohnGavin: Would you star in Kill Bill 3 if Tarantino made it?

M: If he would have me. I’m good with a weapon, and I know martial arts.

Rylan Rutnik @RunRylanRun: What is your favorite place to hide?

M: In my bathroom.

deadmau5 @deadmau5: Sure. regardless, just be a little more aware of what you “should” represent at EDM events, and I’ll watch my mouth.

M: Broken pinky swear

Madonna Twitter Chat

M: It was great connecting with everybody.. Thank you all for your love and support!! – Goodnight… – Madonna