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Madonna’s MSN Live Chat, Dec. 12, 2001, 12noon (EST)

Madonna - MSN Live Chat / December 12 2001

DishDiva_MSN says: Mrs. Ritchie, welcome to MSN Live.

Madonna_Live says: Hello everyone!

DishDiva_MSN says: Madonna, welcome. It’s great to have you back. As you may know we have fans here from all over the world who have been waiting in this chat room since yesterday to ask you about your new CD, “GHV2.”

DishDiva_MSN says: We have thousands of questions, so let’s get started.

DishDiva_MSN says: Aya says: Your Drowned World Tour DVD is really great and very interesting. It seems to me that you love some elements of Japanese pop culture, such as “ninja” movies, performance art and animation films. How did you get interested in them?

Madonna_Live says: I’m not really sure. Just studying dance, traveling around the world. I have been fascinated with Geisha dance. It’s just been a huge influence all together. Geisha, Kurisawa, and martial arts.

DishDiva_MSN says: Herbert Gris from Sao Paulo says: After the latest tragedies, do you think you will end up having peace as theme for some of the songs of your new album? When is it due? Any plans already?

Madonna_Live says: I think peace have been a theme of a lot of my songs in the past. I am not naive enough to think that Sept. 11th is the first time we had to deal with terrorism. I will continue to sing about relationships. The song “Swim” on “Ray of Light” is exactly

Madonna_Live says: about that.

DishDiva_MSN says: David from Spain: Madonna, which of your song is the most representative of you, the one that reflects who you are?

Madonna_Live says: That’s an impossible question to answer. Not one of my song reflects me, all of my songs reflect me. They all deal with different aspects of my personality.

DishDiva_MSN says: Benjamin from Paris says: What do you think of that: “Madonna is not following the trend, she makes it?”

Madonna_Live says: I’d like to think that’s true.

DishDiva_MSN says: Vanessa Ramirez from Colombia: How do you think that your spiritual life has changed & influenced others through all these years of artistic career?

Madonna_Live says: I think my spiritual life has been growing over the years and has effected my music and my music effects people, so maybe it’s incouraged people to more introspective and take responsibility for their actions.

DishDiva_MSN says: Isn’t there a book you recommend about that?

Madonna_Live says: There’s lot of books I could recommend, there’s 3 I highly recommend. “The Art of Living” by Joseph Campbell, “The Four Agreements,” and “The Power of Kaballah” written by Rabbi Berg.

DishDiva_MSN says: Guatemala Jessica Estrada says: Do you believe that it is important for a woman to become a mother?

Madonna_Live says: I think that being a mother is an incredible growing experience. An incredible strenghening experience, but I dont’ think you have to become a mother to achieve what you want to on this earth. Going through the birth process and watching that child grow,

Madonna_Live says: your whole life changes, you look at everything with a different perspective, a better perspective. Not the me, me, me perspective you have before children.

DishDiva_MSN says: What has surpised you most about being a mother?

Madonna_Live says: The fact that you’re completely responsible for guiding the mind of a small child who is dependent on you. Sometime I think I know everything and my daughter asks me questions and I don’t know the answer to. To have a 5 year old stump is kind of tough.

Madonna_Live says: To have a 5 year old stump you, is kind of tough.

DishDiva_MSN says: Denmark Dan Andersen says: Do you see yourself on stage in 10-20 years like Tina Turner and Cher? Or would you like yourself to be backstage helping or managing new artists instead?”

Madonna_Live says: If I’m not on stage, I don’t think I’d be managing other artists. I have total respect for both of those ladies, although I think I would get better wigs. Actually I wouldn’t wear a wig, I hate wigs. I wore a wig on my last tour and it drove me mad.

DishDiva_MSN says: Is life different as a blonde as opposed to a brunette?

Madonna_Live says: In reality, no, it’s just an illusion isn’t it?

DishDiva_MSN says: UK R.D. Has anything about living in London surprised you?

Madonna_Live says: Yeah, I can’t believe how people don’t like to work. (laughs) I’m building a house right now and the work week starts at noon on Monday and ends at noon on Friday. I’m a bit spoiled, I’m used to people in America working 7 days a week. It’s highly

Madonna_Live says: irritating. They leave work at 5 and there’s bank holidays every minute here. When you hire an employee here they remind you that they get four weeks paid vacation.

DishDiva_MSN says: UK Silvia Sarian: What are you planning to get your kids and husband for Christmas?

Madonna_Live says: I’m not telling, because what if my husband reads this. It’s top secret information.

DishDiva_MSN says: KF says: Is it hard to go shopping with paparazzi?

Madonna_Live says: Yes. All the shops here have glass fronts in them and you end up with people taking pictures of you and you end up not wanting to go shopping.

DishDiva_MSN says: Australia Chris Owen from Canberra says: What is your favourite song to sing in the shower?

Madonna_Live says: I don’t sing in the shower.

DishDiva_MSN says: Do you sing in the car?

Madonna_Live says: If I sing at all, outside of my professional world, it’s songs I sing to or with my kids, and that jumps back and forth from “Who Let the Dogs Out” to that Kylie Minogue song where you sing “La, La, La” over and over again.

DishDiva_MSN says: Do your kids think think mom is a cool artist?

Madonna_Live says: I dont’ know what my son thinks of me yet, he’s 15 months old. My daughter, I think she likes what I do and enjoys watching me perform and listening to my records. I don’t know whether she thinks it’s cool or not. She’s certainly not embarrassed.

DishDiva_MSN says: Have you ever thought of oding a children’s album?

Madonna_Live says: No.

DishDiva_MSN says: Belgium Dirk Verbeeck says: Every year you sing better live than 10 years ago. We could hear that on the Drowned World Tour. What do you do to keep your voice ok? Singing lessons?

Madonna_Live says: Yes, I do sessions with my vocal coach in New York before any tours or performances. I try to route my tours so I can have sessions with her throughout the whole tour. When I’m not on tour, I like to see her as well.

DishDiva_MSN says: You als looked great on the last tour. What do you do to stay so incredibly fit?

Madonna_Live says: I practice Ishtanga Yoga every day and also Kung Fu so I could do the ariel matial arts in the shows. I also do Pilates.

DishDiva_MSN says: Denmark Marianne says: I would like to know if you have other creative sides besides making music, and what you like to do when you don’t work?”

Madonna_Live says: I always seem to be working. I like to write. I started writing a script before I went on tour. Then I started making a film with my husband, then I started building a house, so after that is done, I will pick the script back up and finish it. I like to

Madonna_Live says: go clay pigeon shooting and read.

DishDiva_MSN says: You’ve gotten some flack about shooting. Does that bother you at all?

Madonna_Live says: No. Everyone says I’ve gotten flack, but to tell you the truth, I haven’t.

Madonna_Live says: I’m not a vegetarian, someone has to shoot the chickens you eat. Everyone seems to be cut off from the fact that the meat you eat is killed. I think when you shoot a bird and are involved with the whole process, you have more respect for it. I could see

DishDiva_MSN says: That’s an honest way to look at it.

Madonna_Live says: where people who are vegetarian would have a problem with it, but I don’t and I don’t want to be a hypocrite. I wear leather shoes and eat duck, at least I’m taking responsibility for it.

DishDiva_MSN says: US StevieB says: Which song do you wish was on GHV2 but was left off?

Madonna_Live says: I don’t. At the end of the day, if people want to hear a song, they can go get the record it was on. I don’t regret not having anything else on it.

DishDiva_MSN says: Finland Pikkuhelmi says: I am really pleased to have a new greatest hits collection from you but why aren’t there any new songs in GHV2?

Madonna_Live says: Because they are my greatest hits. New songs would be false advertising because if it’s a new song, it wouldn’t be considered a greatist hit. That’s a little presumptiuous isn’t it?

DishDiva_MSN says: Pakistan Khuda Hafiz says: Are you working on another re-invention in music right now? i.e the new album from you will still be on Dance/Electronica track or we will see another change?

Madonna_Live says: It’s too hard to say. I have very rough ideas about my album right now. I don’t ever know what I’m going to do until I’m in the studio so I can’t predict that. Things just happen in the moment.

DishDiva_MSN says: From the Navy: Alan Russo says: who have you always wanted to do a duet with?

Madonna_Live says: No.

Madonna_Live says: Don’t like the idea of duets.

DishDiva_MSN says: US Lisa Lila says: How did you enjoy working on your first feature film with your husband? “Love, Sex, Drugs and Money”

Madonna_Live says: I enjoyed working with him immensely. We had two trial runs doing the commercial and video with him. Of course there’s challenges when you’re involved with someone who’s bossing you around all day. I think I met those challenges with grace.

DishDiva_MSN says: Toronto Canada Adriana D’Amico says: Hi Madonna, being married to a Brit and living in England, do you feel that you’ve lost “your roots” in a way, or will you always be that Italian chick from Bay City, Michigan?

Madonna_Live says: I will always be that Italian chick from Bay City. I get home sick when I’m here, but I like adventure and think it’s great to move around. I will never lose my roots.

DishDiva_MSN says: What do you miss most from the U.S.?

Madonna_Live says: It’s just different in America. Americans are more straight forward. I miss New York, the scale of New York. I miss the friendliness.

Madonna_Live says: I love how people talk to you on the street. Just assult you and tell you what they think of your jacket. (laughs)

DishDiva_MSN says: Turkey selahattin gençtürk says: Hi beautiful girl! I’m Selahattin. I live Istanbul in Turkey. I think you are best women in world. I couldn’t speak English very well so you don’t angry with me please. Thank you byeeeeeee in my heart pretty women. I’m

Madonna_Live says: Wow! Cool, I’ll have to go to Turkey

DishDiva_MSN says: I’m 17 years old. I WILL LOVE YOU EVERY TIME

DishDiva_MSN says: Sweden Ann-Sofie Lindgren says: What is the most difficult decision you ever have had to make?

Madonna_Live says: To move to New York when I was a teenager.

DishDiva_MSN says: South Africa Thomas Bannister says: If there is one message you can leave this world – to make it a better place for us all – what would it be?

Madonna_Live says: Give.

DishDiva_MSN says: Honduras Marlon Navarro Martinez says: How do you see your life once your children grow up?

Madonna_Live says: I don’t think that far ahead. I like to live in the moment.

DishDiva_MSN says: US Debois D’arc says: How important is theatrics in the presentation of music?

Madonna_Live says: I think if you’re going to go present your music on a stage setting you have to be very concerned with the drama and the visual entertainment level. Otherwise what’s the point of doing a show. People can just buy your record if you are just going to stand

Madonna_Live says: and sing. I think it’s important to take your music to another level and for me it’s very important to tell the story with my music.

DishDiva_MSN says: Sweden Esther says: Question: I read about you are collecting paintings and arts made by the great Mexican painter Frida Kahlo. I am a big fan of Frida Kahlo, and loves her paintings, and have lots of books about her life, which I am finding very especial

DishDiva_MSN says: very especially and interesting. How did you get this interest about Frida Kahlo?

Madonna_Live says: I became interested in her art by going to the Institute of Art where Deigo Rivera has murials on the wall and found out about his wife Frida and became obsessed about her work, she’s an amazing woman.

DishDiva_MSN says: Japan DwR says: I found some Japanese expression in the cover of your GHV2. That reads “mo-dzi-ji-ra-mi-mi-dzi” (this is how we pronounce it). What does it mean?

Madonna_Live says: It’s supposed to be my name in Japanese.

DishDiva_MSN says: US Mike Hill says: What music are you listening to right now?

Madonna_Live says: I just got a new Kid Loco CD which is awesome. I’ve been listening to Nick Drake, Dean Martin, and Goldfrappe.

DishDiva_MSN says: Favorite holiday music?

Madonna_Live says: I like listening to Italian Neopalitan and Bobby Darrin, Dean Martin, that era of music.

DishDiva_MSN says: Blue_jean_Baby says: When you’re recording a song in the studio, do you do anything atmospherically-candles, dim lighting etc?

Madonna_Live says: No bright lights, candles – that’s a good idea, flowers, I like to get a good vibe going.

DishDiva_MSN says: Madonnalove says: Would you ever like to record in the Abbey Road Studios?

Madonna_Live says: I haven’t actually thought about it. I like the studio I work in in London already.

DishDiva_MSN says: Irma C. Zamot says: Madonna, so much has been written about you, are you or would you consider to write your autobiography?

Madonna_Live says: Yeah, but not for another 40 years.

DishDiva_MSN says: Yosh Tazaki says: When you perform “Music” on stage, how does it feel to see all the iconographic images of you from over the years on the video screens behind you?

Madonna_Live says: I don’t actually get to see them too much because I’m facing the audience. I have seen them once or twice but it makes me tired because it makes me realize all the work I’ve done. I’m very proud of it as well.

DishDiva_MSN says: Michigan says: Hi Madonna! I have been a big fan since I was 12. I’m now 30. I think your one of the hardest working people in the industry. And I was wondering, with kids and a husband, what’s your secret to keeping everything together?

Madonna_Live says: I can assure you I’m barely keeping everything together. I work long hours and sleep very little. I’m very regimented and organized and of course have lots of assitants.

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DishDiva_MSN says: Los Angeles Sergio Navarro says: Interesting that you should be doing an interview on the celebration of the Virgin of Guadalupe (coincidence?).

Madonna_Live says: There are no coincidences, but that is interesting.

DishDiva_MSN says: Howard Tripolsky says: Just wondering how it feels to know that millions and millions of people are constantly forming and expressing opinions about your life and how you live it? It seems to me like an unbearable weight.

Madonna_Live says: It does get on my nerves, that everyone wants to know everything I do, even the mundane things. It seems that people aren’t paying enough attention to their own lives.

DishDiva_MSN says: Norman Jackson says: I have always wondered what the man or woman in the musical intro and outro to the song Drowned World/Substitute For Love is actually saying. It sounds like “you see”. Do you care to clarify? And who is this mystery person?

Madonna_Live says: Yeah, it’s “you see” the person is Rob McKuen taken from a radio interview he did.

DishDiva_MSN says: Mimi says: A little Frenchy wanted to know which influences do you take to create your choreography?

Madonna_Live says: For my last show I was influenced by Kung Fu, tango, line dancing.

DishDiva_MSN says: SR says: My question is: Do you think that the journey that the Immaculate Conception covers is greater than GHV2?

Madonna_Live says: No, actually the opposite. Much greater journey later, I was paying attention more.

DishDiva_MSN says: Madonna, thank you for joining us today to talk with your fans from around the world. Continued success with “GHV2” and from all your fans and from all of us here on MSN, happiest of holidays.

Madonna_Live says: Thank you! I enjoyed it immensely, happy holidays!