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Q: Have you tried making out with the grills on?
A: yup it works

Q: Define hate. Is having a difference of opinion considered hate nowadays?
A: no having a different of opinion is right hate is intolerance hate is discrimination hate is when you think youre better than someone else

Q: What comes to mind when I say Erotica?
A: great record

Q: Are you still horse riding/show jumping much?
A: horse riding yes show jumping never

Q: Theres something or someone that you miss?
A: i miss free time and more sleep

Q: if you were a gay man, would you be a top or bottom
A: i am a gay man

Q: How did you get in to character for Evita? :-)
A: did a lot of research spent a lot of time in Argentina interviewing very old people that knew her learned how to tango read every book i could about her

Q: Are you bringing out any more fragrances /perfumes? I have Truth or Dare but is there another called Naked as I cant seem to find it in any retailer’s in the UK ??
A: dont get me started on that tired ass subject

Q: Is your publicist or an intern typing everything for you? Be honest. This is still awesome. Thank you!
A: my housekeeper im vaccuming the housekeeper is typing

Q: Would you go back to school?
A: if i had the time. school is fun you just get to learn

Q: Hello Miss Madonna, So, I just got back from Europe. Had the most amazing experience in Santorini. What’s your favourite place in Europe (i.e. culture, people, food)? And, please don’t say France b/c your boo is French! lol xo
A: my boo is not french, number one. and my favorite country in Europe is Italy.

Q: Do you have any plans to begin any new charities? If so, what?
A: go to ive started a lot of different projects

Q: If I invited you to come to Mexico to see Frida Kahlo’s house, would you come?
A: ive seen it twice already but thanks for thinking of me

Q: I don’t really have any question for you. I love your music. Acknowledge me.
A: send photo

Q: In the song “I Dont Give A” are the lyrics “baby Jesus on the stairs…” or is it “baby Jesus understands”?? Please settle this bet for me. I love you.
A: Baby jesus on the stairs

Q: If you had to live on a stranded island with two other people for the rest of your life, what two people would you choose?
A: I can’t leave my kids behind so there will have to be room for 4.

Q: Ray of Light album helped me come into my own in small town Nebraska, and know that there was love and acceptance in my future. So many of us have had similar experiences through your music. I can’t imagine what that must feel like for you. How often do you think about who your art is reaching?
A: only when i hear comments like this from people do i think about it the rest of the time i only think of how i would like to explress myself i think about expression not results

Q: Would you ever wear a disguise and go to Walmart or some place ordinary people go?
A: id just go to walmart and not wear a disguise.

Q: how long will you be on reddit for ?? I am a huge fan from pakistan ! Thanks for your efforts to spread education here !
A: yes when secretproject comes please go to and share any story you might have its good to know my message is getting out there