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Madonna & Anthony Kiedis chat : AOL

Madonna - Madonna & Anthony chat (November 11 2005)

We asked Madonna’s pal Anthony Kiedis of the Red Hot Chili Peppers to host her AIM interview himself — with our supervision, of course!

AOLmusicTye: hey anthony. i see ya

AOLmusicTye: how are you? everything cool on your end?

RHanthonyCP: as far as i can tell

AOLmusicTye: great. we’ll just chill til Madge hops online

RHanthonyCP: grrreat

MadonnaKonfesses: hello

AOLmusicTye: and there she is!

AOLmusicTye: hi madonna

RHanthonyCP: hello!

AOLmusicTye: hi, thank you both for being here

AOLmusicTye: Anthony, this is your show, and i know you both have a lot to talk about so… i’ll leave you to it :)

RHanthonyCP: ready?

MadonnaKonfesses: ready

RHanthonyCP:> was your inspiration to create a new breed of dance music born from nostalgia or do you still love to dance?

MadonnaKonfesses: al little bit of both, plus I needed some kind of relief from all the insanity going on in the world

RHanthonyCP: i saw your video for ‘Hung Up.’ very exciting. what is your fascination with Saturday Night Fever?

MadonnaKonfesses: there is something about that movie. every time I watch it it’s like the first time and John Travolta’s character personified that era of disco and obsession with the right hair and clothes and saving up all your money to go out on the weekend and just DANCE and show off your moves.

MadonnaKonfesses: that is what i love about it. plus he is soooooo hot in that movie.

RHanthonyCP: sweet. can we talk about the joy of the dance form known as Krumping? something you use in your new video…

MadonnaKonfesses: oh my god all hail the Krump!!!!

MadonnaKonfesses: its no surprise that i love to dance and i first saw krumping with Aries, one of my dancers on my last tour (he is also in the documentary i made and in the video)

MadonnaKonfesses: There is something raw and theatrical, something shakespearean about Krumping.

RHanthonyCP: krumping is a great way to communicate with spirits of love…