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Madonna & Anthony Kiedis chat : AOL

RHanthonyCP: what were you listening to prior to making this record?

MadonnaKonfesses: i was listening to Moroder, Cerrone, Chic, SisterSledge, Kraftwork, Pet Shop Boys, Evelyn Champagne King, Salsoul Orchestra and ABBA!

RHanthonyCP: where do you like to write music? do you have a spot or spots?

RHanthonyCP: p.s. you’d make a good dj

MadonnaKonfesses: I like to write in a notebook lying on the floor. i like to recreate my past when I lived in hovels with no furniture and no money and no idea where it would all lead to. i like it simple and raw, like sushi!

RHanthonyCP: as i understand it, you wrote a song about rabbi isaac ben luria. as a songwriter i thought that was great, but i heard he had a sour reaction…can you explain?

MadonnaKonfesses: i would like to clear that up

RHanthonyCP: now?

MadonnaKonfesses: it was not about Isaac Luria. it was the name of the man who sang on the record. his name is Isaac Sinwany and he is Yeminite and alive and I see him all the time and he has an amazing voice. just a friend.

MadonnaKonfesses: i want to know why all the Rabbi’s were checking out my play list before the record even came out.

MadonnaKonfesses: i do not know enough about Isaac Luria to write a song about him. Not even sure what i would say.

RHanthonyCP: got it. i felt your intentions were true and it’s my favorite track on the record.

MadonnaKonfesses: oh thank you. when Isaac came in and sang that song (unedited and before we put it to music) I had tears in my eyes and did not even know what he was singing about. then he told me and I cried even more.

RHanthonyCP: at one point you were considered to be the most powerful woman on the planet. what sense of responsibility do you feel about all that?

MadonnaKonfesses: i feel a huge sense of responsibility. i feel like i finally know why i do the things that I do and why I was given the gifts i was given. i have a voice and i want to use it in the right way. not just to entertain but to inspire.

RHanthonyCP: it seems your husband is an inspiration to you. how does that bundle of english energy ‘Push’ you?

MadonnaKonfesses: how much time do you have?

RHanthonyCP: the jeopardy tune has started

MadonnaKonfesses: he “pushes” all my buttons on a regular basis.

MadonnaKonfesses: but it’s all good. It’s good to be challenged right?

RHanthonyCP: You recently made all of your songs available on itunes. can you explain the arrangement? Why now?

MadonnaKonfesses: itunes now because I finally got a good and fair deal with my record company.

MadonnaKonfesses: and i got tired of not being able to download my songs.

RHanthonyCP: ah ha. back to the songs. were ‘Jump’ and ‘How High’ penned independently of one another?

MadonnaKonfesses: absolutely. the idea for ‘Jump’ came from my brother in law Joe Henry. ‘How High’ came from a song I originally wrote for a musical called ‘Hello Suckers.’

RHanthonyCP: who chose to put them next to each other on the record?

MadonnaKonfesses: i did silly. do they sound funny together?? did i make the right decision?

RHanthonyCP: i knew they were separate ideas and liked the placement. the whole recording is fun and playful and soulful.