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Madonna & Anthony Kiedis chat : AOL

RHanthonyCP: you sing a semi anti-los angeles statement on ‘I Love New York’. i took offense considering i woke up at 8 to prepare this. ;)

MadonnaKonfesses: please do not take it personally. you are not a native Los Angeles person anyway. i still live part of the time in LA and most of the time in London, but NY is my favorite city cause that’s where i learned to breathe.

MadonnaKonfesses: the breath got pushed out of my lungs. i was forced into the dark abyss. i had to JUMP!!! it was sooooo full of life and its where i learned that I could be an aritst and not just dream about it.

RHanthonyCP: it is a great town and i really only engage in the rivalry as sport. you wrote a song called ‘Sorry.’ are you apologizing for something?

MadonnaKonfesses: hell NO!!

MadonnaKonfesses: just elaborating on a theme.

MadonnaKonfesses: no mattter who we are or what we have done we have all been the f***er and the f***ed over. oh geez can i swear??

MadonnaKonfesses: the song sorry is from both perspectives.

RHanthonyCP: i think it’s wise to promptly admit when one is wrong

RHanthonyCP: and your foreign accents in the song are f****ing sexy!

MadonnaKonfesses: everything sounds better in another language.

RHanthonyCP: meanwhile, can i borrow your red leotard from the ‘Hung Up’ video?

MadonnaKonfesses: it’s pink. are you color blind??

RHanthonyCP: i hope so. that’s it from my end. anything you need to know from me?

MadonnaKonfesses: do you still love me?

RHanthonyCP: looooooooooooooove.

MadonnaKonfesses: back at youxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

AOLmusicTye: and we love you both :)

MadonnaKonfesses: a menage a trois!

AOLmusicTye: sorry… I couldn’t resist

RHanthonyCP: adios mi amiga.

MadonnaKonfesses: adios amore!

AOLmusicTye: thanks so much… both of you

AOLmusicTye: it’s been fun eavesdropping

MadonnaKonfesses: thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

AOLMusicTye has been hung up on Madonna since he was 12 years old.