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“Madonna – From Genesis to Revelations” – by Bruce Baron : Goldmine Magazine

Confusion surrounding Madonna inspired projects has sometimes fueled additional sales. Twice this seems to have been encouraged by the Record Companies. When the reported collaboration between Madonna and Michael Jackson fell apart for his Sony album “Dangerous”, many were surprised to find a very Madonna-like “mystery girl” credited on the track “In The Closet”. It was revealed much later that the cameo appearance was actually princes Stephanie of Monaco on the Jackson record. This was long after many Madonna fans had already purchased the curiosity believing that Madonna may have had something to do with the track, including this author. Just a few years later “If Madonna Calls” by Junior Vasquez was originally implied to have an actual Madonna vocal sample from Junior’s answering machine on the record. This vocal was at first credited to “Who’s That Girl” near a “thank you” to Madonna on the first pressings. After most Madonna collectors ran out and bought the record, it was later credited to Kelly Bienvenue. Both “In The Closet”, and “If Madonna Calls” do however, remain interesting Madonna inspired items.


Madonna has saturated our pop culture in the last decades of the 20th century. Most people have seen more of her than they ever thought that they could, or should as far as celebrities are concerned. We have looked down her throat in “Truth Or Dare”, we have seen up her skirt in “Sex”, but what has often overlooked is the music brought her to our attention in the first place. Finally the respectable Madonna seems to have emerged in the public view brought on by maturity and motherhood . The later half of 1999 has seen the release of “Beautiful Stranger” from the Austin Powers movie “The Spy Who Shagged Me”, and the Spanish-English duet with Latin heartthrob Ricky Martin, called “Be Careful With My Heart”. Madonna is going to end this millennium on top.

Insights into Madonna’s creative process and growth since her early days remain undiscovered on her unreleased recordings of various kinds. There is pressure mounting from fans to release some of these on a “from the vaults-type” Madonna collection. There is even some concern that these recordings are not being preserved properly. Bray revealed that his 24 track studio master, of “Ain’t No Big Deal ” is “lost, and even the engineer doesn’t know where it went. Unless someone gets these recordings together, they are only going to get damaged or lost and forgotten.” Bray mentioned that he could not release “Desperately Seeking Susan” or another other Warner-era recorded demo without Madonna’s co-operation due to the exclusivity clause in her Warner contract. The recordings that he issued independently on the original “Pre-Madonna” CD feature recordings prior to her 1982 contract. He added, “Maybe one day she will have a change of heart”.

by Bruce Baron / Goldmine Magazine