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Madonna Interview : Attitude

I’m doing the video in the next couple of weeks, it’s very exciting. I want this to be all about dance.
How are you going to dance with your damaged collarbone?

Madonna - Attitude / November 2005

Watch me. I’m going to invent some new dance move that doesn’t use the bad bits. I’m still a tough girl.
The new film I’m Going to Tell You a Secret [which premieres on US MTV tomorrow] is very different from In Bed with Madonna.

How did it come about?
Michael Moore was very instrumental in helping me, even before I began filming. He actually offered to direct it, but he was editing Fahrenheit 9/11. He said, “Can’t you delay your tour and do it later?”, and I said no.

He said: “I’ll be there for you if you want to show me stuff, or want me to help out. But just remember one thing: you write the script in the editing room. Just shoot as much as you can.” And we did. We had 350 hours. The hardest thing is to edit.
The thing that seemed to make you cry was the part where you acknowledge that you didn’t have time to party with the dancers…
I always become very attached to everyone – not just the dancers and the band, but the tech guys who help me up on the stage – you look into their eyes every night. Anyways, I’m a big cry baby.
This film features Kabbalah quite heavily, which is probably the most controversial thing you’ve ever been involved with.

Yeah, yeah… Strange. People get very upset about the fact that I decided to study a spiritual belief system. It’s very strange. I may as well have announced that I’ve joined the Nazi party.
But isn’t it hard for people to understand you studying something that is all about brushing aside superficiality when you’re dealing in the most superficial medium there is – pop music, pop culture?

But it’s only superficial because the people who make the music don’t want to think deeper or have opinions, for the most part. And what I’ve tried to do is walk that thin line between making something entertaining and also making something that’s political and provocative that makes people question things.

But I still think people are going to be cynical because you’re seen as the queen of pop culture and you’re biting the hand that feeds you…
Yeah, but life is a paradox isn’t it? To tell people that, you know, the material world isn’t important is upsetting because we’ve all bought into this idea, and it seems like I’m criticising people.

Madonna - Attitude / November 2005

All I’m saying is that it took me a very long time to grow up and realise how myopic my world was, and I’m just sharing my story. If you’re going make a documentary about yourself, you’ve got to tell the truth. I’m sharing my journey and people get something out of it, great; and if they don’t, then that’s fine, too.
People always have a problem with celebrities doing things for charity and so on. There’s a perception that celebrities do everything for publicity.
I don’t understand that. Listen, you know some people think I fell of my horse as a publicity stunt. If you’re a celebrity, everything you do is perceived as a way to get attention.