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Madonna Interview : Edge Magazine

EDGE: I was going to say Lamborghini.

MADONNA: Lamborghini…But I might be an Aston Martin. And then I might be a Jaguar. And then I might be a Cadillac. So it depends on what day it is. I’m not a Smart Car.


ROUNDTABLE # 5: Back to the “Living For Love” video, is [this] going to be something we’re going to get to see again?

MADONNA: You mean the cinematic aspect of it, and the storytelling aspect of it? I guess so. The thing about that song, it’s such a passionate song. I had to present it in a passionate way, and I used mythology to tell the story, with the story of the Minotaur – the matador – fighting for love. And the color red. And flowers. Horns, and death. And naked men. You know, the important things in life.

I don’t know. I don’t want to make every video the same. But I did love the richness of that video. To me it felt like a painting that came to life. That’s what I was trying to do. But I wouldn’t want to do that for every video. Like when I do “Bitch, I’m Madonna,” it’s going to be a whole different aesthetic.

ROUNDTABLE #5: Well, I’m glad that one’s getting a video! [GROUP LAUGHS]

MADONNA: If Diplo has his way, there will be one.

EDGE: Last year when you dressed up as the Mother of Dragons for Purim, you looked amazing!

MADONNA: Thank you.

EDGE: Do you watch “Game of Thrones?”

MADONNA: Of course. It’s a family ritual. Besides “Game of Thrones,” which I watch with my kids — we all watch it together — it’s like a family bonding thing. The only other TV series I watch are “True Detective” and an Irish series called “The Fall.”

ROUNDTABLE # 1: I wanted to ask you about Vene Vidi Vici — somebody talked about referencing your earlier work. Was it a trip down memory lane for you, or were you trying to make a statement of moving past some of those places where you were in the past, and are in a different place now?

MADONNA: It was a trip down memory lane. To be honest, to be in this business for over 3 decades is — I don’t actually think about it that much. But a lot of the people that I worked with were asking me so many questions, like, What was it like — What was Keith Haring like? What was this person like? What was that person like? In a way, sometimes, I think I underestimate what I’ve been through, and what I’ve witnessed, and I think it was just important to do that.

ROUNDTABLE # 2: At this stage in your career, what still frightens you?

MADONNA: Ignorance.

ROUNDTABLE # 3: Do your kids have a favorite song of yours?

MADONNA: They really love “Bitch, I’m Madonna.” [GROUP LAUGHS] That’s my teenagers’ favorite song. My son David’s favorite song — he plays guitar — and he likes “Devil Pray,” that’s his favorite.

EDGE: With Truth or Dare, you kind of revolutionized reality TV. Any regrets about that?

MADONNA: No, I don’t regret doing Truth or Dare. I guess people show what they want to show. What kind of life you are leading.


MADONNA: Should we stand up on the stage?


LIZ: [TO ROUNDTABLE] You guys are not getting touched up, I’m just telling you.

And thus ends an evening with Madonna, and one that will certainly live in infamy for at least six gay journalists living for love in New York City.

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