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Madonna Interview : For Women

Are you ready to have a child of your own in the traditional sense ? You know, do you have a plan?

“Do I have a plan? Well, I’d like to be a mother in the traditional sense. And, yes, children are definitely very important to me. But I don’t have a specific plan.”

What changes in society would you like to see take place?

“Well, first of all, sexuality seems like it’s a taboo subject. This country (America) seems to be moving more and more into conservatism and I think that alone is a catastrophe because I think that, like anything, the more you try to shove something in the closet and not deal with it, you know, the more hang-ups people get because of it.
And I think, you know, sexuality – self-exploration, self-love, masturbation, whatever – I think they’re a big part of people’s lives. If only everybody could come to deal with that – and that covers all of the realms of sexuality, including homosexuality. There’s this wave of hysteria against it which is something I will have to consistently counter-attack probably throughout my entire life.”

How important is sex to you?

“I think it’s important to deal with it. I think people have to realize that sex is a bigger part of everybody’s life than they’d like to admit.”

What attracts you to a man ? You seem to be drawn more to effeminate men because of what you do.

“I think it’s more a question of sensitivity. I think generally effeminate men are more sensitive or more in touch with their female side. The men that are the most repulsive to me are the men that don’t want to deal with that side of themselves.”

Do you think society has a preconceived notion of how gay men are?

“Definitely. People definitely have a preconceived notion about gay men. What they look like, how they kiss, how they make love.”

Does your ambition ever become too all-consuming for you?

“No. It’s not. Although there are times when I’m so busy that I don’t get the quiet moments or the private moments I’d like.”

What do you regard as the best and worst qualities of fame?

“The best thing about fame is that I can always get a table at any restaurant. The worst thing is that I can’t put my trash out in front of my house because people are always going through it.”

There are people who say your fame has isolated you.

“Sometimes I am. I’ve felt more isolated when I’m on tour. It’s difficult to move around when I’m on tour. Everybody knows where you are every step of the way. When I want to go out and walk around – it is a pain in the ass to a certain extent.
I mean, the one constant I have to consider when I go out is, do I want to deal with the flashbulbs in my face? Because, basically, the photographers just park themselves in my neighbourhood and they just follow me where ever I go. So I have to sort of deal with these extraterrestrial beings following me around.”

What happens when you’re driving in your car and they recognize you? Do you just drive until you lose them?

“No. Usually I just let them follow me and hope they don’t get the table in the restaurant right next to me (laughs).”