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Madonna Interview : For Women

If you could live in any other time in history, what time would you choose and would you be ?

“I’d love to hava been around in the Twenties. I don’t know who I’d like to have been, but the twenties because I think there was a real renaissance. I think that a lot the issues that I’m dealing with right now would not have been greeted with so much, uhm, so much outrage, to a certain extent.”

Do you feel that you’ve been misrepresented at times?

“Yeah, I suppose. The thing about personas or public images, in terms of being misrepresented, is that if you present one side of yourself then you are only allowed to have that one side of yourself for the rest of your career. The problem with that, as we all know, is there are a million sides to every human being. It would be horrible for anyone to think that you’re only one way.”

You go through image make-overs on a regular basis. What stays constant with you?

“That I stay true to how I’m feeling at that particular time.”

At this point, what are your religious beliefs?

“My religious beliefs are that I believe in God and I think God is in everything. I don’t believe in organised religion. I have my own personal sense of religion, spirituality, what God is. I was raised Catholic, but I’m not a practising Catholic.”

What is your vision of intimacy?

“Intimacy is a state of mind. It’s what you have with your friends and your lovers and your family at specific times in your life.”

Do you think you have a lot in common with your fans?

“Yeah, I do. I do come from a middle class family in mid-America, and even though I’m this big huge superstar, quote-unquote, you know, I have family problems, relatives that are alcoholics, you know what I mean? The problems that I have are basically the same as other people’s.”

Do you have a career agenda?

“Yeah. I’ve got a five year plan. (Talks like a gypsy) I see a very large mansion in Bel Air (laughs). obviously, I’d like to see my film career finally take off. That would be nice.”

You have had an amazing career and life. Do you ever feel like sometimes you have to pinch yourself?

“Only when I feel I’m gaining weight (laughs). Seriously, I’m aware of everything that’s happening to me.”

Generally, over your career, have you enjoyed the support of your family?

“Uhm, enjoyed the support? Hmmm… My success has been a difficult thing for a lot of members of my family to comprehend. I think that’s because my success has been fairly overwhelming. My brother Christopher is very involved in my career, so he understands everything that happens to me. Whereas, I have other brothers, I have a very large family and some of them keep their distance.
My father tends to not make a big deal of anything I do and that’s actually a relief to me.
More-so, because when I go home I don’t get treated any differently. I think my family supports me but nobody really makes a big deal about me, which is good for me.”

With all your success and fame, what’s the most difficult aspect of your life?

“Getting to sleep at night. I have insomnia (laughs). I went to a sleep clinic in UCLA once and the doctor said I have an overactive adrenaline gland (laughs).”

Why do you think people are so obsessed with what you have to say about masturbation?

“I don’t know. I’m interested in it because to me it’s a form of self-love, examination or exploration of your own sexuality, of your own sensuality, whatever.
I think a lot of people would rather not admit that they masturbate or that they’re interested in masturbation. Or admit that it’s a big part of everybody’s life, you know? But I, obviously, am not afraid to admit that (laughs).”

Do you think we’re experiencing a new wave of sexual repression in our society?

“Oh yes.”

Why do you think that’s happening now?

“Well, sexual repression, I think has a lot do with the fear of AIDS. Everyone seems to think that AIDS is some form of punishment for the sexual revolution of the Sixties and Seventies. I suppose it’s also a way of controlling people. Organized religion is notorious for doing that. I don’t think, however, that I’m qualified to speak on this subject at great length (laughs).”

What inspired you?

“Life. People. I love life. Everyday life. Experiencing all different types of people. I love experiencing life. That’s what I think it’s all about, really. Don’t you agree?

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