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Madonna Interview : Gala

Madonna - Gala / February 19 2015

​Your children are quite grown up by now. Did they help you choose the songs for “Rebel Heart”?

Yes, for many years now we do that together. I played them every song and asked them for their opinion on the sound and the lyrics.

How was their feedback?

They liked many songs right from the beginning. Sometimes though they opposed to my decisions – which always lead to discussions. I had to watch out for them not to undermine me. My kids know exactly how to influence me.

Who’s your biggest fan in the family?

David loves my music. He is really into the faster tracks and dances around in the room.

And who is your biggest critic?

Lola, definetly. Of all my kids, she is the one closest to me. She knows exactly what she wants. Just like me (laughs).

Lola turned 18 in October and now studies dance, music and theatre in Detroit. How hard was it for you to let go of your first child?

When she moved out of my house, in autumn, it was the hardest day of my life. I was destroyed. Even when my long-term relationships ended I did’t feel the pain I felt in that moment. It almost tore the heart out of my chest.

How long did it take for you to get used to this new situation?

I didn´t get used to it just yet. I miss my daughter every day. Lola is like my soulmate. She is a part of me and so it feels like losing an arm.

Madonna - Gala / February 19 2015

As a mother, are you scared of many things?

Yes. I really annoy my children with that. I am very caring and overly protective. I can be a real mother-hen and I don´t like the thought of Lola dancing the night away in clubs without me having the possibility to control at what hour she returns to home.