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Madonna Interview : Genre Magazine

Christopher: So, it’s a departure?

Madonna: It is a departure from the original in that I think there’s more of a transformation that occurs on the island, and then, of course, I won’t tell you the end, but they do go back. He wants proof that she can love him anywhere and not just on a deserted island.

Christopher: So they’re found?

Madonna: Yeah, they’re found. It’s a very simple story and I wanted to do it for all the obvious reasons – because I wanted to work with Guy, and I thought it was a great part to sink my teeth into.

Christopher: Are you taking part in that James Bond movie?

Madonna: I have a cameo in it. I did it already. I’m James Bond’s fencing instructor.

Christopher: I see.

Madonna: Yes. [with mock seriousness] It’s terribly important.

Madonna - Genre Magazine / October 2002

Christopher: Was it fun?

Madonna: Yeah, that was fun. It was great. He’s great. Very charming guy.

Christopher: Pierce Brosnan?

Madonna: Very professional.

Christopher: I’ve hung out with him at a few different functions

Madonna: You have? Don’t you think he’s charming?

Christopher: He was. He was also feelin’ rather well, if you know what I mean.

Madonna: Oh really? Well, he’s Irish. Embarrassingly so?

Christopher: It wasn’t the Charles Bukowski kind of drunk.

Madonna: Oh, well that’s good. That’s not a drunk you want to experience very often.

Christopher: No. But I do remember experiencing it, oddly enough. Somehow he popped into my head.

Madonna: What time?

Christopher: Just from the time in the house in Carbon Canyon. I remember him being up there with you and Sean.

Madonna: Charles Bukowski?

Christopher: Yeah.

Madonna: Yeah, he was a trip.

Christopher: And him being plastered, and having to carry him. I mean it was bizarre. I have this bizarre recollection of him getting very strange and violent and having to be carried out of the house and shit.

Madonna: Well, he did like his drinks. Indeed he did. You know he died.