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Madonna Interview : Genre Magazine

Christopher: Yep.

Madonna: Yeah. He was a tortured soul. Fantastic poet though.

Christopher: So you must be enjoying the weather here, as opposed to in London.

Madonna: Uh, that is an understatement. I experienced about a week of sunshine in nine months. By the way, when the sun shines in London it is phenomenal, because the gardens are so lush. When spring comes and everything is in full bloom and the sun decides to come out, then you go, okay, this is why people live here. It’s exquisite. There’s nothing like it.

Christopher: It’s like a beautiful day in New York.

Madonna: But even more so because the architecture is older, and people really know how to cultivate gardens there. Especially in the countryside.

Christopher: I haven’t seen your house in the country yet.

Madonna: It’s just phenomenal. I didn’t really get the charm of the house in the countryside in the wintertime. It’s a really charming house, though. It’s a little Georgian jewel box of a house, and it has the history of Cecil Beaton living there, and it’s one of the most beautiful areas in the countryside of England on the Wiltshire and Dorset border, but it took me a while to appreciate it. Guy has a childhood fantasy, because he spent time in a country estate for about six years of his life and it was the best time of his life, so I think he was really searching to recreate the experience. And if you like, it’s got a pheasant shoot on it, and there’s a farm there with horses.

Christopher: Are you shooting a lot?

Madonna: I did go pheasant shooting last year. Joe came with me.

Christopher: Joe Henry?

Madonna: Yeah, yeah. At Christmas time last year. I took shooting lessons. You know me, once I undertake something…

Christopher: You do it with a vengeance.

Madonna: Yeah.

Christopher: [Laughs].

Madonna: So, yeah I got my three-piece tweed suit made. I must tell you, that’s the most important part of it for me. [laughs] “The look.” I had “the look” down. Wore my tie, my shirt, my cufflinks. I had my brogues made. You get together in the morning, you have this ritual thing – there’s a big hunting lodge on the property, a big roaring fire in the fireplace. Everybody gets together, dressed the same way.

Christopher: A group thing.

Madonna: Yeah, but it’s all men. And me. Which is another thing I like.

Christopher: You’re the only woman?

Madonna: There are some women that shoot, but not very often. So I like being one of the chaps. Also not a surprise.

Christopher: You have a huge breakfast or something?

Madonna: Everybody does. But I skip the huge breakfast which is that typical English –

Christopher: Eggs and sausage and tomatoes and mushrooms.

Madonna: Yeah, and it’s like, once you eat it, I don’t know how you can get up and move around, but I guess if you’re used to it. So, I have my bowl of macrobiotic miso soup and then I go out and I shoot some pheasant. [Laughs].

Christopher: Mmmm, the paradox…

Madonna: Yes, indeed. But, hey, uh, wait, shooting pheasant and eating it. Very organic. In season.