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Madonna Interview : Genre Magazine

Christopher: Do you eat what you shoot?

Madonna: Absolutely.

Christopher: Is it true that you shoot it and then you hang it up and let it rot for a while. I guess you don’t call it rotting.

Madonna: You say, is it, how “high” is it? I think it’s how “high” is it. I can’t remember what the phrase is. But you let it age for a bit so that the meat gets very rich. You can never eat it the day you shoot it, you’ve got to hang it for a couple days. That goes for deer, duck, pheasant, pigeon, which is all shot and eaten on our property.

Christopher: So do you consider yourself an Englishwoman on some level?

Madonna: An Englishwoman?

Christopher: Yeah.

Madonna: No.

Christopher: An Englishman?

Madonna: [laughs] I consider myself an English chap. I’m a lad. No, I don’t know. I feel like I am a bit of an Anglophile, because Guy is, and that’s what happens when you fall in love with somebody, you kind of, well, at least for me – what they love to do you want to experience too. So you start doing it as well. I’m not going to take up Ju-Jitsu, I assure you. But I never would have imagined I would have lived in the countryside in England or been shooting pheasant, or…

Christopher: I would have never imagined it myself. Seeing you drink a beer was shocking to me.

Madonna: Please, yeah. I like bitter, not beer, which is room temperature.

Christopher: Something yellow in a glass with a bit of foam on the top is a bit of a shock to me. Seeing you drink it the first time.

Madonna: It is a shock to me too, but I just figure, you know what? It’s all about adventure and taking chances and doing things different and you know, I even went on a vacation with him. Remember we went to Greece?

Christopher: Oh yeah.

Madonna: Took a boat around Greece, jumped in the Mediterranean, I was seven months pregnant, went swimming in icy cold water, ate sea urchin raw out of the shell, had fish brains. Please…

Christopher: Why?

Madonna: Why? Because I have a very bossy husband who goes, “Be adventurous. Come on, just try it.”

Christopher: My God.

Madonna: I’m like, “Okay, okay.” You don’t understand. There’s a lot of pressure to be adventurous in this house.

Christopher: Fish brains.

Madonna: Yeah. Anyway, plus I was pregnant so everywhere I went all the fishermen and people in the villages were always shoving things down my throat, saying it was good for the baby. Half the time I didn’t know what I was eating – it was all weird and mushy and warm and gunky.

Christopher: Any vacation this summer?

Madonna: No vacation, but I can assure you coming to L.A. from London is a vacation. There’s a pool and there’s sun.

Christopher: That’s true. But you’re here mainly to promote the movie.

Madonna: Promote the movie, shoot the video, pay attention to my record company.