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Madonna Interview : Good Housekeeping

Most people who make these assumptions don’t know me, have never spent time with me. And they get swept in these ideas…

Do you think more about your “image” now that you have a child?

Of course I think more about what I say and what I do. From the moment I got pregnant, I started looking at life in a different way. Suddenly it was like, “Oh, my God, there’s someone else to think about.” You cannot be an anarchist if you have children. I mean, you can still be rebellious, but you always have to pause first. I haven’t come to a place where I’ve said, “Oh. no, I can’t do that, because it would upset Lola at another date.” But for instance, I was offered a play that I thought was so dark. And I thought, I can’t do monologue about killing a child. I just can’t. So there are a lot of things that I can’t — not won’t, can’t — do anymore because I have a kid. It’s not on the level of, “What will Lourdes think?” but about my own sensitivity now.

Absolutely, you’re a mother now. No turning back.

Listen, I did my sexual rebellion thing. I took it as far as I could go. I shaved my eyebrows. I’ve been naked in every state and country…I’ve dated the NBA. I mean, there’s nothing more! I did it. I dealt with my sexual rebellion. I worked it out of my system.

I thought it was pretty great that you did it publicly.

Well, you’re in the minority. (Laughs.)

You’ve said you want the public to understand your work and to like you. Of course, you’ve also said that if they never did, you were satisfied that the people close to you understood.

Even as a child, I never felt my ideas were terribly popular. And I was never terribly popular. I knew people were interested in me. but they thought I was a weirdo. So I kind of accepted it – that it’s better not to expect approval from people, because you’ll just be disappointed, and you just have to be who you are.

How did you feel when you were criticized by the press for your boldness and “bad behavior”?

It’s part of the game — I’m not one to go around screaming, “Look at what the press has done to me!” We make our choices and live with them, or we get out of the business.

So are you saying, “No regrets”?

Everybody has regrets, but mine are private. Intimate. They have nothing to do with my public life, my career.

Madonna - Good Housekeeping / April 2000

Your spiritual quest and your interest in yoga and Eastern religions have caused a lot of comment.

Well, I’ve talked about it, so the media’s going to pick up on it. But while I do feel spiritually enlightened, and while my daughter has completely changed my life. I haven’t become a saint! I’m the same person. Only better, I hope.