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Madonna Interview : Good Housekeeping

What is Lourdes’s favorite book?

Anything with a princess in it.

Does she have a favorite food?

Am thing with sugar in it.

Does she have a favorite article of clothing yet?

She loves wearing long princess dresses wherever she goes. At the playground, or the beach. She has to have long dresses — anything that resembles a ball gown.

What do you do to make your daughter laugh?

I make up songs. They’re completely nonsensical — strung together, full of people she knows and characters in books. She sits on the floor like it’s a show, and she thinks it’s the funniest thing she ever saw — laughs hysterically. But kids laugh at the silliest things. At one of Lola’s birthday parties, we had an entertainer — a woman strumming a guitar and making squeaky noises, and telling ridiculous stories. The children were laughing hysterically. And I was laughing at the children laughing, because I thought it was so funny that they thought it was so funny….And I’m babbling about nothing! Stop me! This is what happens once you have a child.

Let’s talk about whether Lourdes is like you when you were young.

I don’t know. If my mother were around to tell me, perhaps I would; usually you have your parents around to say, “That’s exactly what you did when you were little.” So I’m not sure. But people around me tell me, “She’s so you!” I can’t see it. I mean, to me, she’s my little girl. But she’s very willful, and I know I am too. So I can see that.

Does Lourdes realize you’re a celebrity? She said yesterday at the video shoot that you get very tiny when you’re on that video screen!

I don’t know if she’s getting it yet. Bur most of my friends are in the business. So you know, if she goes through a magazine, there’s that person who was just over at the house, and there’s that person; so far, everyone’s in a magazine.

Bette Midler will not allow her daughter, Sophie, to see videos of her early shows, with the bawdy jokes and profanity — she’s very self – conscious about all that. Do you want to control what Lourdes sees or will see?

The few times when she does watch TV, I’m editing or working on a video and I want to see different cuts — I do put my videos on then. And so she sees most of them. But they’re all benign — usually it’s me dancing like a maniac or something. I’ve never said, “Oh, she can’t watch this,” or, “She’s got to leave the room.”

Madonna - Good Housekeeping / April 2000

Is there anything you’ve done in the past that you wouldn’t be happy for her to see?

There’s probably a couple of movies I’ve made, including Body of Evidence, [an R-rated thriller] and then my book, Sex, that I wouldn’t want her to see until she was older, because she wouldn’t understand. You know, when I can explain to her what my intentions were, then I would let her. I’d wait till she was older, not because I’m embarrassed or ashamed but because I didn’t mean for any of those things to be for children — anybody’s children.

How does being a mother affect the way you deal with the public?

I don’t get freaked out when people come up and seem to be genuinely happy for me or inspired by me. But if I say to somebody with a camera, “Please don’t bother my daughter” or whatever, and they just get in my face and snap away, right then and there, I have violent thoughts, which I completely subvert. Those are the moments where you go: “Don’t you think of me as being human? I have a child. So at least get the idea of a mother and child into your head.” I know they can fathom it, because I know all these people have mothers. But still, it doesn’t register.

Would you like to have another child someday?

I would. I’d love to have that experience again. I don’t want to have just one child — I would like my daughter to have a brother or a sister.