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Madonna - Icon / #27 1998

How do you feel about your new album, Ray Of Light?

I love it – I feel very satisfied. I’m more proud of this album than any other album I’ve ever made.

What was your greatest source of inspiration for this project?

My daughter.

Speaking of Lourdes, she visited you often in the studio. Did you sample any of her baby sound for the album and which songs really got her feet moving?

No samples, but she did dance to all the songs. And she seemed especially fond of Little Star.

What do you think about the current field of Dance/Techno/Electronica music?

I really like it.

Will this experience motivate you to consider delving further into this ever-expanding genre?


What steps do you take to summon your creativity?

The answer to this question is yoga, yoga, yoga.

Veronica Electronica was an album title jokingly being thrown around. What were some of the other titles that were given serious consideration?

Mantra, Sutra, Srowned World, and… Ingrid Had Nothing To Do With This Album.

Creatively speaking, what was the most challenging part of making this album?

Being more open creatively to deal with William in a less structured environment than I’m accustomed to and doing a lot of experimentation.

What were some of the most amusing moments during the recording process?

The recording studio was reminiscent of an old gym locker room, so every night during our meal break a fancy candlelight dinner was set up, including name cards at each seat, and we’d enjoy a delicious formal meal. Then after a half hour it was back to work in that musty old studio.

Describe a dream, any dream, you experienced during your work on this album.

I would call this a performance anxiety dream: I’m on stage doing this elaborate dance routine in costume. I start singing and then all of the sudden I forgot all the dance moves. I stop everything and look down and I notice I’m not in a costume but in sweat pants. I suddenly realizize I had to change my clothes and get into my costume, so I immediately leave the stage leaving the audience behind. Twenty minutes later my friends come into the dressing room and say they have to go to a business meeting and I had better get back on stage very quickly. Another dream I had was that I’m in an exercise class with the very young and very fabulous Brigitte Bardot. I just kept looking at her and thinking to myself how perfect she was and how imperfect I was.

Before you begin writing material where do you usually turn to for ideas and inspiration?

Poems and journals. I’ve kept journals for years and when it’s time to start an album I read through them for inspiration. I also find poems, articles, photos and different things that inspire me too.

The consensus of your fan base is that they’d like to see you go out on tour soon.

I’m looking forward to touring in the fall.

Madonna - Icon / #27 1998

Apply two-word associations to the following group (include yourself):


Small, fragille.

Patrick Leonard:

Virtuoso, endearing.

William Orbit:

Goofy, genius.

Rick Nowels:

Inspiring, honest.

Marius DeVries:

Mischievous, cute.

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