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Madonna Interview : InStyle

Madonna - InStyle / October 2017

JL: Where do you get them?

M: I go to the ophthalmologist and have them made. I put them on at night and watch movies. Yes, it does make the movies a little bit rosier, but … I just use them all the time. My days are really busy and I’m always overstimulated. Dopamine is being fired into my brain way past the time that it should be, so these glasses help me relax.

JL: Any clothing items you always have with you?

M: I have this long cashmere Rick Owens sweater that I travel with. It’s superthin, so you can roll it up and put it in a Ziploc bag if you want to. I sleep with it when I’m cold, I take it on planes. It’s like my blankie. It’s kind of pathetic.

JL: I’m not judging. I think that sounds perfect. And Rick Owens’s stuff is so darn comfortable.

M: Oh my god, yeah. It’s beautiful. So darned expensive.

JL: Yeah, but worth it. So you seem like an incredibly healthy person. Is there a food constant?

M: I eat avocados all the time. Avocado toast for breakfast, avocados on my salad. I’m obsessed with them.

JL: How do you care for your hair?

M: I use Rose Mist on it, and a lot of conditioner. Soap isn’t the best thing for colored hair, so I use a lot of oils, like Rodin Olio Lusso.

JL: Do you use that on your body as well?

M: I used to, until I made my own skin-care line! Now I use my serum everywhere.

JL: Has Lourdes used it?

M: Oh, yeah! All my kids do. Strangely, my sons are kind of into them. It’s nice to hear your son say, “Mama, I’ve run out of MDNA. Can I have some more serum?”