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Really? I get a mail about things I’ve written. Of course, those letters are usually from guys in jail.

I get letters from guys in jail all the time too, but they just want to have a date with me. Most people that don’t like me are people that are fanatically religious.

Have you ever been censored?

I get censored all the time. You wouldn’t believe the stuff that I’d like to do that never gets done.

But you’ve never had a video rejected.

No, but there was the whole Pepsi thing. They wouldn’t play my commercial because I wouldn’t take my ‘Like a Prayer’ video off the air.

Is that why you’re drinking a Diet Coke right now?

I just like it. I thought MTV might not play my ‘Vogue’ video. You can see my breasts through my dress.

Is that really a first? I mean, there are an awful lot of erect nipples under spandex on MTV as it is. I guess as long as you can’t see the dark aureole, or whatever it’s called, that’s O.K.

I don’t know. I thought it might get censored.

You could put little animated black bars over your nipples, sort of like digital pasties.

Well, every time I do a video they say they’re not going to show it. When I did ‘Oh, Father’, they said, “We’re not going to show the scene with the lips sewn up.” And I said, “F*ck you,” And then they showed it. In ‘Express Yourself’ they weren’t going to show me with as chain around my neck. I don’t get their rules. I don’t know what they find offensive. Then I don’t know what’s going to happen with the video of songs I wrote for the Dick Tracy sound track. I had to change lyrics in the songs because the sound track is part of a Disney movie. I had to change things that had anything to do with sodomy, intercourse, or masturbation.

Is the movie sexy?

Yeah, but in a really ’50s way. It’s a really clean movie. People kiss, but they don’t have sex or go the bathroom.

So tell us about Breathless Mahoney, your character in Dick Tracy. Do you play yourself?

Glenn! Do I play myself?! No! Am I a cartoon character?!

I don’t know anything about Dick Tracy.

No one can ever just play themselves in a movie. That’s ridiculous. Obviously there can be a lot of things in the character that are like you, but you’ve got to be a little bit inventor imaginative. I mean, there are certain things in the character that I can relate to, but I’m not playing myself, for God’s sake!

I’m glad we cleared that up.

Breathless is the queen of the one-liners. She’s always cracking wise. I’m not always that way.

Beatty doesn’t have that jaw, does he?

He’s got the jaw he was born with. It’s a pretty nice one.

All I remember about Dick Tracy was that he had that right-angle jaw.

Well, Warren didn’t have any prosthetics. Me and Warren and Glenne Headly didn’t have prosthetics. Everybody else did – all the bad people and some of the good people.

On the record you play in your show, is Warren singing with you?


He’s surprisingly good. How come he never sang before?

Nobody ever asked him. I think he doesn’t think of himself as very musical. But he’s as very good piano player. He wanted to be a concert pianist when he was little.

You’re always playing pretty lovable characters. Would you ever want to play a villain?

Yeah, but I’ve never been offered one. It would also be nice to play some unsympathetic characters. God knows, I have my bad side.

How about playing a mom?

Oh, yeah, sure. I’m down for that.

Are you down for being a mom in real life?

I knew that was the next question.

I wasn’t planning it; it just popped into my head.

Yeah. I am. I don’t know when, but I’m down.

Who are your heroes?

Mother Theresa. Isn’t Gorbachev a hero?

I’d say so.

What about Havel, from Czechoslovakia? He’s a hero.

He’s also totally into Frank Zappa and Captain Beefheart. I think he’s put Zappa on the Czech payroll as some kind of cultural consultant.

That’s heroic. But it’s hard to think of heroes, because not a lot of people take risks these days. I’ll probably get in trouble for saying this but I think those guys in Public Enemy are heroes. They’re not afraid to say things.

I think that’s the case with the better rap artists in general. I think they are just about the only people who are really contributing anything on a cultural level these days.

Do you think Spike Lee is a hero?

Yeah, I do.

Me too.